Sunday, May 26, 2019


    On Friday, President Trump issued a proclamation, the likes of which haven't been seen in the U.S. now for far too long. Here's the relevant portion of it, although the full text of his remarks are on the White House website. 

    President Trump has brought back a law which became effective during the Truman Administration. As far as I know to the contrary, it hasn't been observed since Truman left office. I can't remember any president during my teen years onward who's ordered a National Day of Prayer on Memorial Day.

     It's truly astounding that since the Trump Administration took office, Americans are learning that it's OK to pray again. One of the monumental achievements of this Administration has been overhauling the DOJ Guidelines so that Christians are no longer persecuted by anti-religious bigots and their pals in Big Government. It's been noticeable that the tear-down-the-crosses gangs have been remarkably silent during the last few Christmas and Easter Seasons. 

     On a related note, the President will be in Japan during Memorial Day on a state visit. I hope that he reminds Akihito and his camarilla of just how many thousands of American men are specifically being honored on Memorial Day for giving their lives in a conflict which the honorable fathers of the Japanese leadership were responsible for starting. It would be nice if the Japs formally apologized for a few war crimes committed against the United States too.

    I have a feeling though that the President is sending a more subtle message to the Imperial Cabinet simply by appearing in Tokyo during the holiday. The old militarism has been making a comeback in Japan and Trump needs to remind them that such things won't be tolerated. His rapprochement with North Korea and the new paradigm in US-South Korean relations dealt a severe blow to Japanese designs on the Peninsula. 

    But it's not only Japan who was thwarted, but the interests of the supposedly 'peace-loving' American Liberals were likewise frustrated. Remember where Obama's 'Pivot to Asia' got us only three years ago.  And it's also not widely known; but had Hillary been elected, the DNC had already decided to arm the B-2 bombers which Obama had recently deployed to Korea with atomic bombs. Although I disagree with much of Trump's policy in the Middle East, he has been far less aggressive than his immediate predecessors. The Trump Administration has been a relatively peaceful one. 

     So overall we're making Memorial Day Weekend great again. If you live on the West Coast or some other enclave infested with uptight Liberals have a good barbecue and a moment of prayer this weekend.  

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