Sunday, May 12, 2019


    A little more than 20 years ago, a pair of Christian-hating homosexuals named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris---two losers who shouldn't even have been in the school in the first place---committed the worst school massacre since the Bath Township School was bombed in 1927. This week, another duo of Christian-hating homosexuals attempted a repeat of the murders just a few miles from Columbine where Klebold and Harris rampaged right under school officials' noses. And schools at all levels have been targeted between then and now. 

     Since Columbine, the Whacko Left has responded with gun control and anti-bullying laws. This has been their policy since the 1990s and obviously hasn't had any effect on stopping would-be mass-murderers. And among the Alt-RINOs, Dalrockian Red Pill blogger Captain Capitalism suggests that abolishing public schools and requiring homeschooling would stop school shootings. It's about as fanciful an idea as gun control. 

    While we certainly support homeschooling, it's unrealistic to believe that we could ever make it universal. People like Captain Capitalism naively assume that the same parents and communities who let our public schools deteriorate in the first place would miraculously become proficient educators if left to their own devices. True, many parents would like to homeschool but cannot for various reasons. Abolishing public schools wouldn't make them any better able to homeschool than they are now. 

     Our public schools haven't turned into disaster areas because of access to guns, or school bullies, or because of government control. For many years now, our public schools have been dominated administratively by the political Left. And that is the real cause of public education's decline. As proof of this, let us examine what Liberals have accomplished running some of our once great cities. These communities were once meccas for families and businesses. Under Liberal rule, families and businesses have fled; the cost of living has skyrocketed; the government can't provide even basic services efficiently; the cities are ridden with crime, drugs, perverts, and violence. Similarly, our public schools have seen the best families leave for private schools; the cost of education has become scandalous while teachers can't even get basic supplies. Obviously security is underfunded---and our schools are basically nothing but cesspools of all manner of crime and vice. Everywhere Liberalism reigns, civilization collapses. 

     The Corporate Media tries in vain to hide the fact that most mass-shootings (and school violence in general) is occurring in Liberal-run school districts. And odds are that most overpaid and underqualified administrators have better security in their country-clubs and gated residential communities than any of their schools have. Changing the culture in our school administrations is the key to curbing these crimes---as well as offering decent educations for once and drastically cutting the costs both economically and in human tolls. 

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