Thursday, November 21, 2019


    Despite the US Corporate Media's attempts to smother the whole Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the story doesn't seem to want to go away. The US Department of Justice announced late last week that the two guards on duty the night of Epstein's alleged jailhouse suicide were indicted on multiple charges. We have yet to see where that's going to lead. 

   Meanwhile, in the UK, Andrew Mountbatten (a.k.a. Prince Andrew), one of the key figures in the whole scandal, has been the subject of so much public outcry that even the rest of the royal degenerates got sick of covering for him and removed him from essentially from any duties representing them. 

   This represents something of a turnaround for 'the Palace' which we learned from Project Veritas led in the suppression of an ABC expose on Epstein three years ago. Public sentiment in Britain was running so high that Andrew was even obliged to submit to an interview on the BBC; which backfired badly on their royal majesties. 

   And the damage isn't limited there; the British Press is reporting on a near-daily basis of schools, companies, and charities that are terminating associations with Prince Andrew. He was even forced to cancel an upcoming visit to the County of York to inspect damages caused by a recent flood. 

   The Epstein Scandal aside, it's always been a wonder to me why the British people even put up with these entitled and entrenched clowns in the first place. That country should have followed the lead of the rest of the rest of the Civilized World and become a Republic a long time ago. Andrew's ancestor was this notorious douchebag:

   King George III; whom our own forefathers ejected from our country in the 1770's and who got his royal butt kicked a second time by their sons and grandsons in 1812. And, as we saw in the Project Veritas report, they're still running around over here trying to throw their weight around and tell us what to do. 

   It should be obvious that the whole concept of Royalty is inconsistent both with Freedom and Faith. In absolutist states like Saudi Arabia, there's essentially no difference between a Monarchy and a Dictatorship. In so-called 'Constitutional Monarchies' like Britain; the setting up of one group as 'privileged' amounts, to my way of thinking, essentially the same thing as the legal acknowledgement of a 'Master Race.' As to Faith; we're told by the Prophet Samuel that ancient Israel sinned in asking for a king; and Christ taught us that we are all God's children and God alone is our absolute ruler.

   Whatever else, cases like Prince Andrew's only show that the institution has long outlived any socially useful purpose. It's time that Britain realized that fact, and follow up on their recent BREXIT liberation by liberating themselves once and for all of their royal parasites.



  1. Ha! Good post. Kudos for mentioning the sin of Israel asking for a king. Long ago this judge told me to read up on the history of the British monarchy. I didn't understand things like why we had 3 branches of gov, or why we worked so hard to protect and defend the rights of bad guys. So I read all about the fight for the throne, people murdering their own kids, and other assorted horrors and atrocities. Good grief, it's not for the faint of heart! But ultimately that's what really made me fall in love with America and her ways, the truth of the British monarchy.

    1. Thanks---I just read a book on the Czars of Russia called 'The Imperial Orgy'. It was just about as bad as the British Royals. Frankly, I've never read a history of monarchies (including the ones in the Old Testament) that weren't just chronicles of institutionalized human depravity.

      I think I remember reading somewhere too, that George III was into various sexual perversions too. It wouldn't surprise me if it were true. I think it's just natural that when whole families who are untouchable and unaccountable for generations, the natural human tendency is for them to degenerate.