Monday, November 25, 2019


   It's been awhile since we last did a victim-card roundup. For newer readers, this is a compendium of various jugheads who've appeared in news lately, but whose antics don't rate a full article individually. 

   Well, OK, it's mostly for the lulzzzz.....

   Let's begin with an upstanding citizen of Barack Obama's hometown:

   Hollywood figure Jussie Smollett is back in the news. A few months ago, Smollett claimed to be the victim of a racially-motivated attack. Unfortunately for him, he was in Chicago instead of Los Angeles; and in Chicago the police don't automatically give celebrities a free pass. Smollett got caught faking the whole thing. 

  Now, Smollett is alleging that he is a victim of the Chicago Police. "Jussie Smollett is accusing Chicago police of malicious prosecution, claiming he was the victim of "mass public ridicule and harm" after he was charged with orchestrating a fake hate crime against himself," CBS Chicago reported. "Smollett's claims come in a countersuit against the city, which is suing the actor to recover more than $130,000 that police say they spent on their investigation of Smollett's claim that he was a victim of a racist and homophobic attack in January." 

   I would assume that, given Chicago's crime rate, that kind of time and money could have been spent solving actual crimes with real victims. But Hollywood doesn't care about the little people; Illinois taxpayers instead need to subsidize Smollett's stupidity because people are laughing at him. 

   And speaking of California:

  Marco Garmo was until last week a Captain in the San Diego County Sheriff's Office. Now, he and a few of his confederates are sitting in their own jail after being indicted on multiple counts of weapons trafficking. As a police officer, Garmo was able to purchase firearms not available to the California public; and sold over 100 on the Black Market. This naturally made him a victim.

   The Indictment alleges that Garmo was using the funds to finance a campaign for sheriff; but it's all the FBI's fault because, according to Garmo, they didn't tell him that he needed a Federal License to sell guns. Over two dozen of the illegally-sold weapons are unaccounted for as of this writing.

   It seems that since the advent of Trump, professional victims are grasping at longer and longer straws. Here's a real doofus:

    When we last saw Kevin Allred, he was sitting in the Police Psych-Ward, one of the earliest known casualties of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Since 2016, he's apparently gotten his job back at Rutgers and his Twitter account restored; he's also come out as homosexual, but still obviously has a fixation for Black Feminists. 

   Despite being on the faculty at Rutgers, being paid for speaking engagements, selling books on Amazon; Allred has managed to become simultaneously a victim of both Capitalism and Big Government:

  This is some really creative victimization. Even though only 47% of the NYPD is White; White Supremacy is keeping him from exercising his right to Salmonella poisoning. And Capitalism sucks too; because he only earns enough to live in NYC and eat out every night. 

 On the subject of angry millionaires:

    NFL thug Myles Garrett drew an 'indefinite suspension' from the NFL after pulling off an opponent's helmet and beating him over the head with it. To translate from NFL newspeak, this suspension means that Garrett will sit out the remaining few games of 2019 and get reinstated next year after the whole incident has been forgotten about by the MSM. 

   Nevertheless, Garrett wasn't satisfied with any of these developments and decided to blame the man he attacked. But what could be the only thing worse to the NFL Brass than what Garrett did? The answer: he was reacting to a racial slur. And the horrified NFL indeed launched a full investigation into these most serious allegations. Because obviously a 275-lb. professional athlete is perfectly justified in beating a smaller White guy with no head protection if he was called the N-word. 

   Somewhat surprisingly, the NFL found no proof of Garrett's allegations---though how they did so, they never explained. Garrett has been stewing ever since, complaining about how an organization---70% of whose employees are Black millionaires---is racist and  discriminatory. 

   On the subject of race, this Red Pill Manospherian was the victim of the superior Asian woman:

  Daniel Lord is a 30-year old MRA vlogger living on a trust fund from a wealthy father's estate. He's decided on a career of being a PUA while complaining about how terrible women are at the same time. Not surprisingly, he's continually getting cucked. In spite of inheriting a fairly comfortable living, Lord is truly amazing on his ability to get victimized. He actually once claimed to have picked up an STD from a sexbot. 

  So like a lot of MRAs, Lord became disgusted with Western women and decided to go to Japan and marry a woman he'd met online. The marriage didn't last long. She divorced him after catching him in bed with a prostitute. And much to Lord's surprise, it turns out that Asian women dislike infidelity as much as their Western sisters do. He also got in trouble for going to her house and kicking a hole in the door---posted the whole thing on Youtube too. 

 To protest these injustices, Lord started a Tent City in Japan.

 But it started raining, and nobody joined him, so he went back to his apartment. He's brought the sex doll back, complaining that his ex-wife was a b---h for not letting him keep in the home. Whose fault is all of this?

  I think that Daniel Lord should follow a more experienced Manospherian like Vox Day; who's much better at chimping out publicly at perceived enemies. 

   Holidays really seem to bring out the victim-cards. Probably by Christmas, there'll be a few more...




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