Sunday, September 15, 2019


   Since our last article was published, one of the participants in the debate, 'Scarecrow' at the blog Men-Factor wrote an interesting post highlighting some of the revolting behavior of our postmodern Western female population. To which he added the following rhetorical question:

   "Don't take my word for it - try googling things like this. It really shows how degenerate women have become. I guess that if men stop fapping, this would not be happening? I don't know."

   Well, the literal answer is that deranged women will do things like he describes regardless of anything men collectively do or don't do. But the real question being posed here is: Given the current shortage of quality women, why deprive men of artificial means of sexual gratification? 

   The answer to that question is that men shouldn't behave in counterproductive and self-destructive ways just because women do. And men today also need to take into account that our ancestors faced many of the same issues, and solved them. Contrary to popular belief, this not time in history that men have had. 

   Most recently in America, there was the Old West. After the Civil War when the West was opened up, the shortage of women became apparent and led to social problems. It wasn't uncommon for men working outside of towns to go for months without seeing a woman; let alone being with one. A couple of centuries earlier the shortage of women in the then-French colony of Quebec was so severe that King Louis XIV actually subsidized and gave Royal Pardons to low-level female criminals in French jails on the condition that they'd settle in Canada. In the time of Augustus Caesar, the ratio of single men to eligible women was six times higher than anywhere in America today. 

   These were pre-Feminist days; and despite Feminist propaganda and Manosphere Golden-Age idealization, what women got away with doing was comparable to anything they do nowadays. The Roman man, the French voyaguer, and the American cowboy were about as 'Alpha' as one could get, yet contemporary accounts showed that they were compelled to tolerate a lot from the fair sex. And the laws protected women then, too, much more so than men. 

   The point here is, as Eivind Berge pointed out again, that wholesale male retreating into pornography and autoeroticism is essentially a defeatist and sex-negative position. Effectively, all it is amounts to a denial of man's basic need for women---and what accomplishment is that? The homosexuals can say as much. And BTW, it's also not a widely-known fact that homosexual activists are deeply involved in the porn industry. 

   In our last post, we mentioned going into some more specifics about the impacts of these behaviors, that will be discussed in an upcoming article. 


  1. Sorry for that snarky bit on my last post...

    I tend to focus on the over whelming hatred of men that exists today.

    I've noticed an appalling amount of prejudice from women my whole life.

    This fear and hatred of men is making a fierce divide between the sexes.

    Until it stops, society will continue to decay - regardless of any no fap rules.

    Just my two cents

  2. And sorry... I'm not going to debate this, as i consider it irrelevant in eliminating fear and prejudice against men. It's a distraction (pun intended)