Wednesday, September 25, 2019


   Anyone in the Anglosphere who's been paying much attention to current events has quite a bit of anxiety about the future direction of our culture---and with good reason. Dumbed-down schools; dysfunctional families; relentless proselytizing by the Gay Mafia and other perverts; and a horrid media climate haven't left children and young adults with much material upon which to build positive directions in life. Some of this has been changing in the Era of Trump, albeit slowly. 


   The American Left has a natural affinity for disaffected youth and vice-verse. Many---if not most---of the Leftist leadership in the US is made up of persons with unresolved psychological issues from their own teenage and preteen years. Impotent male punks who'd do anything for attention like David Hogg and mentally-unstable females like Greta Thunberg are the embryonic forms of people like Stephan Colbert and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 


   While these two nitwits aren't normal in the psychological sense of the word, they aren't that uncommon among the world's youth. I'm sure that we all remember characters just like them in our own Middle/High School years; except the ones that we knew weren't raised to celebrity status by corrupt media machines and crooked political interest groups. The ones whom we remember couldn't get along with anybody and usually ended up in youth homes or jails for their antisocial behaviors. There's nothing particularly special about them; except that their aimless vitriol has a certain appeal to NPCs when channeled through skillful propagandists.

   The thing to bear in mind is that neither of these clowns are representative of the mainstream as a whole. There is a tendency among people in their early adulthood and late childhood to confuse phony media promotion with actual success and popularity. Even a lot of people over about the age of 25 or so mistake these media/political puppets as typical of young people as a whole.

   The young are really not much different than the rest of us in that the ones who really keep things going are the ones who are doing their best to succeed and make positive contributions to society are either ignored by the mainstream press or actually defamed by them.  Granted, Generation Snowflake has its problems; but we don't hear about the everyday youth who aren't out rioting with Antifa or committing mass-shootings. There are teenagers working jobs, are active in their communities and supporting families just like most of the rest of us.

   Consider some stories you probably didn't read in the MSM. Did you hear of the five teen guys from Vancouver whose ingenuity saved a boy who'd fallen off a ski lift? Or of the young man from Aberdeen, Washington who sustained severe burns rescuing an 8 year-old from a fire?  And there are numerous, less-dramatic events that fly well beneath the Corporate Media's filters. 

   What we older Conservatives need to do is not to give up on our youth, but to engage in more outreach. We have to counter the stiff propaganda the young are facing with more positive influences.



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