Saturday, February 23, 2019


   The news broke this week about another crackpot who'd taken the Red Pill and plotted a nationwide campaign of terror. Christopher Hasson---a career military bureaucrat and Opioid addict---is in jail after the FBI uncovered his fairly sophisticated plan of assassinating top US officials. Hasson was actually well on the way to setting the plan in motion and was toying with the idea of obtaining a bioweapon. 

  Since Hasson's intended targets were Left-Wing political and media figures, the MSM has been exploiting the story for as much political traction as possible. That great comedic genius Stephen Colbert even joked about it, saying that President Trump hasn't commented on it because, "Hasson only wants to kill everyone on Earth. It’s not like he’s hosting Saturday Night Live!" 

   To be fair to Trump, however, every time he's denounced some racist act of Right-Wing violence, the Media ignores him anyway. Just like it's never occurred to dunces like Colbert that Trump's FBI has now crushed two major plots against Democrat leaders before they even materialized. 

    If we actually had real journalists in the US again, the Hasson Case would point to some deeper problems in our culture worthy of investigation. The activities of dangerous cults like the Red Pill represent as serious a threat to our culture as the Left does. That Hasson was a Red Pill is obvious from his extant writings. Like Vox Day, he considered Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik a hero---and even followed Vox' encouragement to study Breivik's Manifesto. Other phrases and expressions that Hasson employs are common on sites like Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings, and Matt Forney. As for the Manosphere's shared misogyny, WUSA-9 in Washington, DC heard this from Hasson's neighbors:

       "I'm not surprised, to be honest," said neighbor Amy Sombuana. Her friend Maria Carrias says "Hasson was quiet and had a disconcerting stare. And we'd be like okay well why do you live in a neighborhood if you're going to treat everyone weird and stuff like that? And we would get really offended by that because of the way he'd sometimes stare at us, stare at my parents and stuff like that."

     Despite what the Red Pills say, their goals and philosophies are fundamentally anti-American. Hasson, like Breivik, spoke of 'executing traitors' and yet sees nothing whatsoever treasonous in trying to overthrow the US government by force and create a White separatist ethnostate. 

     And the more one really understands the Red Pill movement, one also comes to the realization that it is largely a movement being orchestrated by foreign provocateurs, American expats, and international crooks in much the same way that George Soros and other foreign criminals support the American Left. It's no coincidence that many of the Red Pill leadership is based in Italy, Hungary, Finland, West Ukraine, etc. Their ideals---as well as their funding---are connected to European extremist groups. 

    These extremist groups in Europe have a common goal of dividing and destabilizing the United States. Ideals like ethnostates or governments controlled by an 'Alpha' elite are products of the ideological sewers of Europe and have never been part of traditional American mainstream philosophy. These enemies of freedom know this; and only by weakening America can they realize their vision of building such a society in Europe. Almost none of the philosophers upon whom the Red Pills base their theories are American.

     Thus they target vulnerable and weak men like Hasson with dreams of rising above their mediocrity and becoming Alpha supermen. It's the old story: offer shortcuts to power and success with secret revelations and knowledge---which of course are only given to select initiates whose 'superiority' is unrecognized by society. And usually they end up just like Hasson and Breivik did---sitting the slammer when their actions do get recognized. 



  1. Thank you for this article, much appreciated. I'm grateful the FBI was able to stop him.

    We have a really toxic combination going on in this country, a lot of disenfranchised men, often with steroid and opioid addictions, and foreign provocateurs and red pills trying to brainwash them into committing acts of domestic terrorism.

    Something similar happened in the sixties with people like the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers, assorted dysfunctional people being radicalized. Today with the internet and technology it's more sophisticated and potentially more dangerous.

    1. I agree---the other danger today is that the Red Pills and the international crooks who back them understand this whole combination of psychosocial and economic factors and how to push the right buttons to set off guys like this. The Left and the Islamic-rooted cults like ISIS are more ideologically-driven---whereas these Red Pills are exploiting vulnerabilities inherent in the male nature.