Friday, February 15, 2019


   So President Trump has announced that, due to continual failure to act on border security, a State of National Emergency will have to be invoked. The far-out whacko Left Wing---as is usual for them---is condemning the action without the slightest idea of what they are protesting against or why. 

   In the first place, our Constitution grants the President this right of unilateral action in certain circumstances. George Washington invoked that option twice during the 1790's. Once to put down the Whiskey Rebellion (an armed tax revolt); and again to suppress the Shawnee Indians who were committing border depredations in violation of treaties with them. Other Presidents have used it since, but controversies surrounding its use were settled with the National Emergencies Act, signed into law by President Ford in 1976. Since then, the Act has been invoked 59 times; 31 of which are still in force from previous administrations. Few people probably know, for example, that the current restrictions on dealing with Iran stem from a National Emergency declared by President Carter in 1979: the longest-standing such declaration still extant. 

     Barack Obama issued 11 Emergency Decrees---10 of which are still active. The current one, dealing with border security, is Trump's fourth invocation of the Act. So where was all the outcry during the last decade about supposed usurpation of power? 

     This State of Emergency has been necessitated by the actions and activities of the Left. Fake 'caravans'---funded by George Soros and other international crooks---lie perched at our border for the purpose of inciting political divisions and destabilizing both the American and Mexican Governments. Porous borders facilitate the international traffic in narcotics, weapons, and White Slavery in which such criminals are engaged. We saw the complicity of the Democrats in these activities all throughout the Deep State Era and during Obama's term in particular. The Pivot to Asia; the Arab Spring; the Fat Leonard Scandal; the Maidan; Operation Fast and Furious---these were all geared to open international corridors for the Black Market. 

      Within our own country, too, the Democrats have sought to create 'sanctuaries' for criminal enterprises like MS-13 to operate at will. The problem runs much deeper than genuinely xenophobic and anti-Catholic elements among the Alt-RINOs and fake conservatives would have us believe. Those 'borders-language-culture' types play into the hands of the Radical Left. Securing our borders is---or should be---the beginning and not the end of long-overdue immigration reforms. We are a melting pot, but that's no license to throw toxic elements like ideological fanatics, terrorists, drug-pushers, and White Slavers into the mix. And that's what's been happening for reasons already stated above. 

      The Left has no moral standing on this issue whatsoever. It's best to ignore their rantings and get behind the President. 

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