Wednesday, June 26, 2019


    Blogger Cynthia Bailey had a good article up today about an issue very important to many in our dysfunctional postmodern culture. She writes a supportive article about people who---from necessity---have been compelled to sever ties with blood relatives for their own self-preservation. 

   There has been a strain of thought in our culture over the last 50 years that unconditional love is an entitlement regardless of whether or not that love is deserved. The Left has been mired in this 'universal love' ethos since the 1960s; which, of course, they've always practiced hypocritically. This is reflected in their nihilistic amorality which preaches that we should tolerate every behavior so long as it isn't civilized behavior; because (according to them) the latter represents 'hate', 'intolerance', and 'privilege'---all of which need to be destroyed at all costs.

   On the other extreme, we saw rationalizations for abusive behavior emerge during the 1980s and 1990s, with so-called 'Toughlove'. The Red Pill Cult, as exemplified in teachings of Dalrock, Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi, and others, teaches an equally amoral philosophy that women and children have a moral duty to accept and tolerate abuse. Even to complain about abuse is, to them, considered sinful and wrong.

   Cynthia ties the roots of this abuse to narcissism. I agree with this to a point. Narcissists are almost always abusers; but I would add to her theory that Cultural Narcissism is endemic in our society. That, of course, is a broader topic that would have to be addressed in a longer article, but well worth keeping in mind. The most important parts of her article are what she says about spiritual arguments:

  "You have every right to protect yourself from abuse from anyone, including your own parent.  There is nothing Godly or holy about tolerating abuse.  Nothing."

   I agree completely with this statement. There is a vast difference between Biblical concepts like submission and humility and their secular distortions of subjugation and humiliation---which both Leftists and Alt-RINOs preach in their stead. Aquinas taught that the moral choices we face in this world are not always between purely good and purely evil actions. This isn't the same as Moral Relativism, but a fact of life in a world where the Devil sows such confusion. God is not the author of confusion, and the primary duty of mankind is preservation of Life and the Soul. Thus, tolerating and enduring abusive relationships is wrong, while the Will of God is to escape it if possible. 

   Some may argue: 'Wait...isn't leaving an abusive situation also a selfish act?' The answer is a qualified yes; but it is selfishness to a higher purpose whereas narcissistic selfishness is entirely self-serving. One cannot serve two masters, either free yourself to serve God or remain to serve the abuser. The choice, then, is obvious. It's sad that more Christians fail to recognize this necessity. 


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