Sunday, June 30, 2019


   Well, admittedly I didn't pay much attention to the recent Democratic Party Debate. My feeling was that I could probably get about the same effect by watching old Soviet Propaganda videos; except that the latter wouldn't have been as boring. In the typical fashion of the modern NPC Democrat, the watchword of the hour is: outrage. Liberals rarely known why they're outraged; they simply are because their leaders are mad, so they should be too. 

   So, while back in the Big City this weekend, I spotted a fellow who looked like a typical Democrat voter:

  And decided to interview him on the problems faced by Liberals in today's America. 

  "Glad you asked me that," he replied. "Cuz' tomorrow's the 1st, and that's a busy day!"

  "How so?"

  "Well, first I have to pick up my welfare check. Then I have to go to the legal pot store and buy some dope with my Medical Marijuana Subsidy."

  "Then I gotta check with the landlord and make sure he got my Section 8 Housing Voucher for July. Then it's the food stamps---got to go the grocery store and get some food and stuff: they won't let you buy beer with those things...

 "After that, it's off to the Free Clinic to get my Obamacare meds. Sometimes, I gotta wait as long as 20 minutes. After After that, it's free lunch at the local Food Bank.

  "Then I have to go to the Public Library and use their free computers to print out some flyers. Then get my monthly Low-Income Bus Pass and take off."

  "So you're looking for a job?"

  "Jobs? What jobs? Why, I'm going Downtown to the Public Square to protest the whole stinkin' system that don't give guys like me a chance!"

  "I should have figured..." I sighed.


  1. LOL! You made me laugh wryly. This was well said.

    There are many roots to addiction, but one is relationship fractures, separation and disconnection from others, and a sense of powerlessness, futility. How do you create an epidemic?? Socialism! It just hits people on a psychological level that most don't even understand.

    1. I don't have too much of an issue with social services, per se, but what really frosts me is how much better poor people live in the US than even Middle Class people in foreign countries. And the poor STILL complain! In most countries, poverty is not even an issue: it's a way of life.

  2. GREAT overview of the poor bastards that think everything should be FREE!! This idiot's report about his VERY busy day reminds me of a funny line from a great play and Broadway hit from the 30s (in the height of the Depression) and when the world hadn't even HEARD of PC!!: Namely, "You Can't Take It With You." (Today this play, which contained SO many non-PC lines, characters and scenes, couldn't even rent a Broadway theater to stage a revival!) Well, one of the characters is the boyfriend of the family's maid - and, of course, they're both Black and have to endure quite a few racially "insensitive" remarks. Anyway, the boyfriend, in response to a question from the head of the house, remarks that he has to go down to the welfare office to pick up his check every week - and "It sorta breaks up my week!!" Poor baby!! Of course, in its day, that line usually brought great laughter from the audience! My, how times have changed, eh?