Sunday, June 23, 2019


     Last April, Louisiana police apprehended a local loser named Holden Matthews in connection with a 10-day string of arson fires which destroyed three historic Baptist churches. The story generated a little interest from the Corporate Media at the time; since the churches were predominantly racially minority congregations and Matthews happened to be White. But the story has since dropped off the Media's radar screen altogether as details have emerged that Matthews' actions were targeting Christians. 

   Matthews' name came up again this Thursday, after the US Justice Department indicted him for violating the Church Arson Prevention Act, which has been law since 1996, but rarely enforced until the Trump Administration actually began enforcing laws protecting Christians again. 

   “Attacks against an individual or group because of their religious beliefs will not be tolerated in the Western District of Louisiana,” U.S. Attorney David C. Joseph stated. “Churches are vital places of worship and fellowship for our citizens and bind us together as a community.  Our freedom to safely congregate in these churches and exercise our religious beliefs must be jealously guarded. Today we are one step closer to justice for the parishioners of these churches and the St. Landry Parish communities affected by these acts. My office will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute any type of hate crime.”

    Matthews was a member of a so-called Black Metal band, named Pagan Carnage. This genre of music originated in Europe during the 1990s, and is notoriously anti-Christian. Matthews himself produced songs about burning churches "in the name of Odin" (one of the Norse pagan deities). Federal Prosecutors found photographs that Matthews had taken of the fires with his own image in Black Metal attire superimposed over the scenes.

   "I want them to be scared."  Matthews commented on the photos. On an April 6th Facebook post, he stated that:  “ I can’t stand all these Baptists around here, bunch of brainwashed people trying to find happiness in a religion that was forced on their ancestors just as it was on mine. I wish more blacks people would look into ancient beliefs of pre-Christian Africa.”

   The Leftist Media Establishment---which had been blathering about the 'historically Black" churches being targeted---slipped away in silent shame after discovering that Matthews' views were fairly close to their own PC perspectives. 

   The point in this story that the Media completely missed is this: Attacks on Christian Churches are attacks on all Christians---regardless of their congregations' ethnicity. We are told by the Apostle John that we are 'one in Christ' and St. John makes it clear that this oneness is not in any way connected to our heredity. This is the same point that both the Media and the Obama Administration missed in the Dylan Roof Case. But the Trump Administration understands it.

  If convicted, Matthews could face up to 60 years in prison.

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