Saturday, June 29, 2019


  After moving out to Trump Country recently, some business took me back to the Big City today, and I received the sickening sight of seeing the Rainbow Flag flying side-by-side by the National and State banners after disembarking the train. The whole city was awash in these revolting emblems; as if every business and government office was trying to outdo one another in displaying how 'gay-friendly' they were. Within my living memory people would go to great lengths to distance themselves from such behaviors. But the Media blitzkrieg---encouraged by the social gadflies in the Obama Administration---coined a neologism: 'homophobia' to shame and silence all opposition. The Ameroboobs and NPCs quickly picked up the meme although no one ever could define what it meant. Because in reality, it means nothing. 

   I had nearly forgotten that the 26th of June marked the 4-year anniversary of the disgraceful Supreme Court decision which nullified the entire meaning of marriage in the United States. On that infamous date, three Liberals, a Swamp RINO, and a fake Catholic voted by a 5-4 margin that homosexuals were a protected minority---the first time ever that an interest group representing a lifestyle choice was granted such a privilege. It's interesting that only a few years before that the American Psychological Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder by a similar one-vote margin. At the time, many of us were shocked by the Supreme Court decision since the Plaintiffs' arguments were utterly absurd and unconstitutional---as the dissenting judges clearly stated. Former Justice Antonin Scalia led the opposition and died under mysterious circumstances just a few months later. Such was life during the days of the Deep State.

   Of course, within the larger scheme of things, neither SCOTUS nor the APA can nullify the laws of Nature. Neither can Academia simply declare gender a matter of opinion with no basis in biology or psychology and make it true. In 2015, the Enemies of Civilization scoffed that no lightning fell from Heaven over the SCOTUS decision; but they forget that history has shown us again and again that many wicked ideologies were once in the ascendant but ended in disaster. And the self-styled 'Rainbow Pride Movement' will bring us to the same conclusion unless we work to defeat it.


   Our enemies were quick to inveigle themselves and their ideology into every corner of society, as the flag incident mentioned in our first paragraph symbolically shows. Christian businesses were sued over Rights of Conscience; parents were forbidden to seek medical or psychological help for their children who were sexually confused. Schools rushed to force homosexual ideology upon children too young to understand it; and even Corporate America turned the Gay Mafia loose on the little ones.

   This social blitz included Disney cartoons featuring homosexual love-scenes and has hit its nadir with Drag Queen Story Hours being promoted in public libraries and schools. But it's not really about grooming children---right????

  No, we're told, it's all about 'pride' and Civil Rights. We're told to celebrate in June (the traditional American month for weddings) to honor all the contributions that homosexuals have made to our culture. Let's take a moment to do that. 

   Homosexual infiltration in the Boy Scouts has led to over 12,000 cases of abuse and counting. Their infiltration into the Catholic Church has led to hundreds of cases of sexual abuse. The number of homosexual abuse cases in public schools and the military is unknown, but doubtless very high. Any institution where young men or boys are had a continual battle keeping these 'prideful' predators out. Today, of course, except for the Church---homosexual predators are openly welcomed in all of these organizations.

   Homosexuals have been quite prominent among our leading serial killers and mass-murderers. Klebold and Harris of Columbine infamy were homosexual lovers as were serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and his lover Otis Toole. Adam Lanza, the fiend behind Sandy Hook was exposed as both a homosexual and a pederast besides; Vester Flanigan---another mass-shooter was openly homosexual. Numerous school shootings were committed by students who allegedly were homosexual; Eliot Roger of Isla Vista infamy was clearly a latent homosexual---as evidenced by his Manifesto. The same is highly suspected of Anders Breivik. 

  John Wayne Gacy, Wayne Williams---the list could go on. The City of Seattle in 2013 elected its first (openly) homosexual mayor. He resigned in disgrace after allegations surfaced that he had drugged and raped several young men. Washington's first (openly) homosexual State legislator, Cal Anderson is alleged to have infected knowingly several young men with the AIDS virus. It used to be that the FBI kept such men on watch-lists, because their lovers were not infrequently recruited as spies for foreign governments. 

 This is what we're told to 'celebrate' and be proud of in June. Some 'contributions'. 

 If we hope to Make America Great Again, we need to restore pride in this:

 Instead of this:




  1. Terrific truth-telling, Night Wind!! Thank you for this GREAT editorial!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it does seem like nobody wants to speak out on this issue, but it needs to be said.