Wednesday, June 5, 2019


   Internet bully and Manosphere Alpha-crank Vox Day has been having a rough time of it lately. The European Union torpedoed his attempt to infiltrate social networking in less than a week. His frivolous lawsuits against Gab and Indiegogo have stalled as well. Now, after expanding in vlogging, Vox has drawn the attention of a new batch of critics.

    Several vloggers, among them 'Revenge of the CIS',  'Nightwave Radio', and a programmer called '3DAL' have been giving Vox a substantial dose of his own medicine---exposing his crimes with a heavy dose of often risque humor. They've collectively created a meme for Vox which has gone viral: Teddy Spaghetti. 

   The nickname is a play on the title of some unsuccessful video game that Vox Day and his shill, Markku Koponen concocted called Hot Dish. The meme has caught such fire in the videosphere that Vox shut down comments on his Darkstream podcast and has sworn to ban anyone using references to spaghetti in the comments. Even Rational Wiki is listing 'Teddy Spaghetti' as one of Vox' aliases; and some colorful character on has a petition going to make the change legal. 

    Vox has been trying to pretend that none of this is effecting him or his cultish media empire, but the negative attention is putting a bite on the Supreme Dark Lord. And Vox' usual attempts to intimidate and threaten his critics is recoiling on him in a way that we haven't seen before. A good example happened in May, when Vox issued a veiled threat against Return of the CIS by relating a story of how he had "a handicapped man in Massachusetts dragged out of his grandmother's basement by the police and read the Riot Act," over alleged trolling. The contrast between Vox' posturing as a manly Alpha leader and such a despicable act of poltroonery didn't escape notice. That story went just about as viral as the Teddy Spaghetti meme. 

    There is considerable skepticism as to whether or not Vox' story is true. We don't doubt that he doxxed and tried to sic the police on a critic (it's the kind of thuggish tactic he's been known to do); but if the police in Massachusetts are anything like they are in California, Vox would have been put on a 'kook list' and any future reports from him handled accordingly. We did here search through various sources from Massachusetts but found nothing to corroborate Vox' story. Inventing falsehoods to inflate his own ego is also a standard Vox Day tactic. 

     Despite these humiliations, Vox was beating his chest again last week; denouncing his critics as 'Gammas' and boasting about surviving previous 'attacks'---most of which were also of his own making. And his followers were slavishly nodding their heads in full agreement, with one dork even comparing Vox' ordeals with the Passion of Christ!

       And yet they will still say that the Red Pill isn't a cult. Other comments reflected the real spirit of the Red Pills:


    This attitude is the logical conclusion of the false philosophy of Game, upon which the Red Pill Cult is based. Those who follow that path always end up becoming what they despise. 

     The Red Pill is a barbaric ideology and barbarians can only destroy, not build anything constructive. Vox' attempts to hijack livestream will fail; as all his previous infiltration attempts have. 


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