Thursday, August 15, 2019


    With an alacrity worthy of his predecessor, Attorney-General William Barr has gone into the Epstein Case like a juggernaut. It appears that at least a few of Epstein's guards are about to trade in their uniforms for black-and-white striped suits, with Warden Quay not far behind. Meanwhile, the FBI swooped down on Epstein's properties and found some interesting items at the late financier's Manhattan apartment. 

    Like many wealthy people, Jeffery Epstein was a patron of the arts. However, many FBI operatives who've been speaking to the press have noted that Epstein's tastes were---to put it mildly---a bit peculiar. For example, there was a life-size doll in a wedding dress hanging from chandelier. Another strange exhibit was a stuffed black poodle---mounted so as to appear to be depositing some dog poop. There was also what the agents described as 'a human chessboard.' I think that those three things alone go a long way into summing up Jeffery Epstein's personality. 

   The strangest artifact of all, however, was a portrait of our illustrious 42nd President, Mr. William Jefferson Clinton. This picture has been widely circulated already on the Internet; and for the sake of suffering humanity we've elected not to post it again here. Instead, we're posting some relevant Album Art:

    Long ago, I thought that I'd reached a point where nothing that Bill Clinton would do would surprise me (unless, of course, it was some noble act). But when multiple stories began appearing about him allegedly posing Epstein's art collection, I really did a double-take. Is this really Bill Clinton?

   Research has come up with a mixed answer. It appears that the painting originated in 2012 and was exhibited at the New York Academy of Arts' annual Tribeca Ball. That year's host was that shining specimen of humanity, Robert Di Nero. 

  "Champagne in hand, guests explored the sprawling studio and congratulated the artists, who continued to paint, paint, sculpt, sketch, and create throughout the night. The Academy is considered the premier institution for studying the human figure, so naturally, its students' artwork focused on the body. Nudes were a common sight -- and not just on the canvas. In one room, a naked model held a pose while well-dressed patrons, seemingly unaware, munched on miniature hamburgers." said NYC society newsletter, G of G. 

  It's unknown really whether Bill Clinton actually posed for this portrait. But one of the British newspapers reported that the FBI found it "prominently displayed" in Epstein's apartment. Clinton was a regular visitor there, so he couldn't have helped but have been aware of its existence. 

   What we can take away from this story is further proof yet that the so-called 'Elites' who ran this country for the last three decades were nothing but a pack of criminals, perverts, and degenerates. Most of us knew or suspected that was the case all along; but the exposure they've been getting since 2016 shows that they even worse than many of us imagined. Just remember that characters of the Epstein, Clinton, and Di Nero sort are the ones who want Trump out of office and hope to regain power in 2020. We can't let that happen. 

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