Wednesday, August 21, 2019


   So, last weekend a group of Red Pill LARPers with the latent-homosexual name of The Proud Boys, showed up in Portland, Oregon. Naturally since (much to the relief of Washington State and Northern California residents) Portland has become the local slough for every Leftist political malcontent in the region, Antifa Anarchists and other whackos turned out for what's now being called The Battle of Portland. A punch was thrown; a hammer was swung; and the Portland Police---who've long ago given up in frustration---watched for most of the melee.

   Portland hasn't always been like this. Once upon a time, Portland Police were allowed to do their jobs, were respected, and maintained order. Back then, Portland was a decent place to live. 

   Decades of one-party Democrat rule has completely emasculated the city. During the riot, here's one poor boob getting attacked just walking down the sidewalk:

  Notice how this guy is so demoralized and dispirited that he not only won't defend himself; but casually walks on home as if it were a normal occurrence. This is was life under Liberalism leads to. 

  Of course, Antifa themselves are a bunch of social parasites who contribute absolutely nothing of value to the world, They are total losers, but their thuggery is complete control of places like Portland. 

  When looking for causes of this stupid violence, the Corporate Media reflexively blame Trump and have been parroting the "this is the result of the Divisive Era of Trump"---as if a city where anyone with dissenting views are met with scenes like this:

---is actually being 'inclusive.'

  But that point aside, let's look back a few years and see if 'divisiveness' is really a product of the Trump Administration. Doesn't anyone remember the Obama Administration?

Or the Bush Administration?

Or the Clinton Administration?

  So it's the Democrats who've been preaching this 'divisiveness' line for a long time. And the Corporate Media Cartels with their endless barrages of anti-Trump fake news is exacerbating the situation. Gangs like Antifa have been fueled with this garbage---insulated from the Outside World in groupthink gulags like Portland and fed a steady supply of mind-altering drugs have convinced these clowns that 21st Century America is a reincarnated version of the Third Reich. 

  All of this talk of 'divisiveness' exists nowhere but in these people's own heads. The Trump Administration meanwhile has been draining the swamp, cleaning up corruption, making government more responsive and efficient, and expanding the economy. That's not 'division' but unity. And it's the type of unity that the whacko Left can't tolerate. 


  1. Right on the money, Night Wind! If there were one shred of honesty left among the enemedia, this would be called out and the wacko Left totally exposed! But we seem destined to this endure this insanity and the barrage of just plain LIES from the Left for a long time to come - dammit!!

  2. I thought President Trump did quite well handing the latest Portland street war and defusing it. I was impressed! He pretty much told the mayor he was watching, sent out a tweet mentioning Antifa could always just be labeled a domestic terrorist group, and before you know it, the Proud Boys were done with their demonstration, and asking the cops for an escort out of the city. Very few arrests, very few injuries, probably less then you see on an average day in Portland.

    The West coast has been dealing with anarchists and Antifa since back in the Clinton days, just as you've pointed out. They've often been fueled, supported, and protected by democratic leadership. The Seattle mayor once sent them all pizzas, for goodness sakes.