Saturday, April 16, 2022


      Activities in the Terrorist Police State once known as the Dominion of Canada have slid out of the general public's fractional attention spans---not that most Americans could even find Canada on a map anyway. While the Corporate Media has been deflecting attention to Eastern Europe, the Trudeau Regime has continued consolidation of its power, including suppression of press freedom, persecution of dissidents, and Crimes Against Humanity in general. There have been stories coming through the press filters, however, such as a recent report from The Simon Wiesenthal Foundation showing that the Canadian Military has been training and equipping Neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine since the 2014 Coup. 

   “It’s the responsibility of the Canadian Defense Ministry to know exactly who they are training." said Foundation spokesman Ephraim Zuroff, “There is no question that there are neo-Nazis in different forms in Ukraine, whether they are in the Azov regiment or other organizations. It’s not Russian propaganda, far from it.These people are neo-Nazis. There is an element of the ultra-right in Ukraine and it’s absurd to ignore it.”

   Véronique Sabourin, a Captain in the very-inclusive Canadian Military, brushed off the accusations, saying that "all Canadian military members training Ukrainian troops were given information to help them recognize patches and insignia associated with right-wing extremism. Ukraine is responsible for vetting its own personnel," she added, "There is no burden of proof on the CAF to demonstrate this beyond a reasonable doubt."

   Such a statement might lead a suspicious mind to wonder again where all of those 'enforcers' that Trudeau recently employed to crush the February protests actually came from. The Ottawa Regime has spent nearly $1 billion on 'aid' to Ukraine and it's not inconceivable that Trudeau might have called in a favor from Zelensky.

     Canada also has been at the forefront of ushering in the Great Reset, and their official denials about this fact are laughable. Life Site News had an article yesterday about leaked World Economic Forum documents which revealed that Chrystia Freeland---one of Trudeau's top apparatchiks---was deeply involved in setting up the blueprint for the implementation of employing the Scamdemic in the interests of international corporate government. Freeland holds both the posts of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister in the Trudeau Regime; and as such is responsible for seizing financial assets of Canadian dissidents and many other Crimes Against Humanity. Freeland also sits on the WEF Board of Trustees and formerly worked as writer for pro-Ukrainian corporate interests in various financial journals. She has been banned as an undesirable alien from entry into Russia since the Soviet Era when the KGB caught her spying on behalf of foreign financial interests involved in the Black Market. 

    Freeland's WEF report was announced at the 2021 meeting in Davos: “The response to COVID-19 must not, therefore, be allowed to reproduce or perpetuate existing social norms that fuel inequalities and social unrest. This applies to the online sphere, notably as technology has come to permeate everyday life at an accelerated pace in places than was the case before."

   Which statement clearly shows that the Trudeau Regime was planning actively to overthrow Canadian democracy over a year before the protests, and that the autocratic response to the Scamdemic was wholly premeditated. 

   “Just as environmentally conscious policies and practices are a prerequisite to sustainable development, so is achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. intersectional gender-based analyses are critical to ensuring that our actions have maximum effectiveness and impact.”

   It must be recalled that this agenda was drafted shortly after the well-orchestrated race-riots in the US during the Summer of 2020. The Trudeau Regime---BTW with the full complicity of Church leadership---locked down churches and suspended freedom of assembly while simultaneously conducting an ethnic purge of Canadian Culture. 

  Trudeau and his henchmen have repeatedly dismissed any connection to the Great Reset agenda in spite of the fact that it has become so apparent that even mainstream media outlets in Canada were at one time questioning it. Klaus Schwab himself publicly boasted about his control over the Canadian Government. The issue came up in the House of Commons during the February Protests, but was shut down by the Speaker for debate.

   This pervert who's dressed like a 19th-Century Scottish schoolgirl and sitting on a throne, is Canadian House of Commons Speaker, Anthony Rota. Rota is the former mayor of North Bay, Ontario---a town which had some rather suspicious activities surrounding it during the suppression of the Truckers' Protests. Since that vicious crackdown occurred, Canada has never returned confiscated property to the dissidents, nor has it lifted controls over social media reporting on protests. It is still illegal to assist dissidents financially and there are reports that their homes have been targeted by social services for the removal of children. Canada has imposed strict border controls that restrict anyone without proof of the Loyalty Vaxx to enter the country; or as Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra put it: "
Drivers must now get the shot or stop driving over the border.” The Regime has likewise imposed a ban on foreign purchases of residential property and has a massive gun-confiscation program planned for the near future.  

   It's highly unlikely that we'll see the same level of outrage directed at Canada which we're seeing aimed currently at Russia, China, etc. This is especially true given the symbiotic nature of the Corporate-Government Complex running both nations since NAFTA was imposed during the 1990s. Big Oil has been especially prominent in this regard, although other major interests flow through Canada as well. It's noteworthy that when we see numbers like these our elected officials receive from Big Oil why protecting the pipelines (and the profit margins) will surpass any concern for human rights:

    Senator Manchin, in fact, recently made a trip to Canada to secure even more oil from Trudeau and his pals. The House also finds itself a fair recipient of Big Oil's profits:

   Before we hear any talk about a Red Tsunami coming to save us from Trudeau-style Corporate Fascism, please take note of the number of 'R's behind most of these recipients' names. Canada is also registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act and spent $12 million on Beltway lobbyists last year alone.

   The most unsettling thing about the situation in Canada as far as we Americans are concerned is that their present is very likely our future. As things stand now in Washington, we on a solid trajectory to be where they are within a matter of years---if not months. The mass uprising that shook the West a few weeks ago probably sped up Canada's timetable. But the unmistakable message here is that the Elites don't intend to back down from their agenda, and Trudeau has shown us the lengths to which they will go to sustain it. We still don't know how many people were actually killed during the protests, but there were casualties. Imagine witnessing a massacre like the one in Ottawa and not even seeing it on the news: that's a taste of what life under totalitarianism really looks like. It should be a wake-up call to anyone who still cares about their liberty.



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