Thursday, April 14, 2022


     So this month, we're entering the third year of the temporary State of Emergency because of a 'pandemic' that nobody yet has proven actually was real. True, there have been lifting of certain restrictions, but---as I predicted---they are starting to come back. Many restrictions in several key sectors were never lifted at all: the Junta has left travel restrictions, vaxx requirements, etc. in place; as have most of Corporate America and Academia, Incorporated. And suddenly there's been outbreaks among the Junta's top officials and other various celebrities.

   A culture as heavily addicted to narcotics as our's is prone to panic. Likewise, they tend to have short memories. Many have forgotten how different things were as recently as 2019 and have settled into embracing the narrative and the 'New Normal.' A few still cling to the illusion that there will ever be a 'return to normalcy'---those who think so ought to consider how much we resemble say, 1999. There was never any intention that would 'return to normal' any more today than there was after the 9/11 Attacks. In fact, a whole generation has grown up under the 'temporary restrictions' imposed upon us in 2001. The Elites have learned this pattern of manipulation very well: as soon as protests against the restrictions start mounting, they ease the rules and then spring a new 'crisis' upon us. When that subsides, they go back to their repressive rules for health and safety reasons. We haven't yet reached the outright Police State levels of Canada or Australia, but we're being psychologically primed to accept it. 

   In 2020, the Scamdemic temporarily stopped for a series of race riots. In 2021, it stopped because of threats of right-wing extremism, and price inflation. This year, it's slowing down because of a war in Eastern Europe. All of these intervals give the Elites an opportunity to consolidate their power before a new 'surge' or 'variant' in the Mystery Virus appears, and then dissent is silenced, and other new rules imposed against the First Amendment. 

     Russia's discovery of US-funded biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine has opened up considerable controversy (everywhere outside of the Anglosphere) about the activities of these Deep State operatives. No sooner had this come out that the Corporate Media suddenly discovered a potential scandal of Hunter Biden's business dealings there---while at the same time moved rather quickly to suppress Russian involvement in the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Biden Scandal is all another distraction, of course. Nothing will come of it, and the Republicans 'investigating' it will naturally omit any references to their own complicity in the shady dealings that went on in Ukraine. 

    In dealing with tracing the Scamdemic, China has run into the same problems. Chinese Intelligence has accumulated proof that COVID-19 was present near the US Bioweapons Facility as early as September 2019, yet diplomats from the US and their assorted satrapies have been blocking any UN investigations. Chinese scientists have learned recently that the Ukrainian biolabs were also experimenting on Coronaviruses in bats. In fact, when the virus allegedly leaked from the laboratory in Wuhan, Chinese authorities learned that the research material had been taken back to the US. The Chinese Ministry of Health requested that Fauci return the materials so that they could analyze the outbreak, but were refused for "National Security Reasons."

    The timeline that China is suggesting is interesting. Dr. Kerry Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning medical specialist who invented the device employed for COVID testing, died under mysterious circumstances in August 2019. Dr. Mullis was a fierce critic of the Academic Mafia and the prostitution of Science to Corporate agendas. Then, about a month after the Ft. Detrick outbreaks alleged by China, the WEF---led by their top operative Bill Gates, held a series of exercises at their infamous Event 201 circle. About another month later, Fauci's team departed China with the evidence of what their researches actually entailed. 

    No sooner had China announced the breakout than the 'experts' assured us that the virus came from Chinese eating bats they'd bought from street vendors in Wuhan. The Ameroboobs were too busy panicking and stocking up on bath tissue and hand sanitizers that were selling on Ebay at inflated prices to think about the sheer absurdity of that claim. There was also a run on masks at the time, which the Government 'experts' at first discouraged, then mandated as soon as Honeywell's production of masks went into overdrive. The First Amendment was shredded as neatly as the 9/11 hysteria shredded the 5th, 9th, and 10th Amendments and the so-called 'Drug War' shredded the 4th, 6th, and 8th. 

     Of course in today's atmosphere of Cancel Culture and Americans' proclivity to panic first and think later, anything coming out of the Russian or Chinese Media is dismissed as propaganda. Because the Anglosphere Media outlets never lie, conceal the truth, or answer to the WEF oligarchs who own them. In fact, it's such self-evident propaganda that Big Tech wants to block them from Western audiences--- though a more reasonable population might inquire why obvious lies need to be suppressed. It's quite strange considering that during WW2, we could listen freely to German and Japanese radio broadcasts; and all during the Cold War, one could get Soviet and Red Chinese literature here easily. Back in the days when Dead White Males ran things, it was believed that censorship made us no better than our enemies; and besides, letting them state in their own words their goals and policies made a better-informed public to resist them. 

   Those totalitarian regimes practiced censorship, and it was generally assumed that the suppression of information was to cover up the truth. But that was then, this is now: and our Elites presume the opposite because truth (to them) is whatever they say it is. The Angloboobs of today have a mental blockage on this point too. The Pandemic couldn't be scam, because the Government has never lied to us before about National Security or employed such pretexts to seize more power and profit for themselves and their friends. The Media couldn't lie about our culture; just because their narratives on things like marijuana and homosexuality have reversed 180 degrees during the last decade doesn't mean that not purveyors of bedrock truths. And, of course, we can always change things with Elections---the fact that every election since 1992 has been tainted with corruption doesn't mean the next one won't be fair and transparent, right? We can believe them this time. 



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  1. Spot on. I wish I could offer you a good counter-argument, but I'm pretty much in agreement.