Sunday, September 10, 2023


       This week we've been writing mostly about Summit Meetings and various positive developments abroad. Here's a roundup of what's been happening in our own exceptional nation this week alone, which kind of puts the world situation in some perspective.

      1. Our old friend Willy Gates has a new environmental initiative. In drought-stricken California---where every farm except those growing marijuana have burned to a crisp---Gates is funding a project to raze the remaining California forests and bury the wood. No---we peasants don't even get to turn it into lumber. 

      Frankly, I'm not especially interested in Gates' ridiculous reasons for doing this: whatever he says probably isn't the real reason anyway. The point here is: who authorized him do this? We're talking about a project that is going to cause significant environmental damage. Did anybody in California or anywhere else take a vote on this project? I haven't researched it; but one can't imagine that a project of this scope doesn't violate several USDA, National Forest Service, and EPA regulations. This is just further proof that Gates and other Oligarchs operate entirely above the law.

    2. Speaking of being above the Law, the People's Tribunal convened in Georgia for the purpose of purging the Republican Party, secured it's first conviction. Peter Navarro faces two years in a State Gulag for the crime of having been a presidential advisor. While it's true that the Constitution and other laws have Executive Privilege exemptions, and specify who can try officials for misconduct, we're living in an era where such Rights really don't mean much. With their bloodlust whetted, the Inquisitors employed by the Junta are seeking to expand their persecutions to include sitting elected officials. The failure of American Conservatives to stop the kangaroo court convened over the January 6th protests led to this. This is America's version of the Great Purge, though don't expect Big Media or Academia Incorporated to call it that. Don't expect it to stop with a few protesters or politicians either.

   3. In New Mexico, Governor-for-Life Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a 'Public Health Emergency' over 'gun violence' and used it to suspend gun rights more or less statewide. Well, why not? Grisham gained authoritarian control by using an influenza outbreak to suspend the 1st Amendment; why not use a crime spree as an excuse to suspend the 2nd? 

   As we've pointed out here before, these 'emergency declarations' were made possible by George Bush and a GOP-controlled Congress during our earlier panic-attack over terrorism. That's probably the reason why the GOP has done absolutely nothing to curb these kinds of abuses of power; and in fact have freely participated in them on several occasions.

   4. California's State Assembly, meanwhile, has authorized by a 57-16 vote the State's secret police agency Child Protective Services to break down the doors and seize children and teenagers whose parents or guardians don't obediently toe the Homo Agenda. Of course, agencies like these have been abusing children and young adults for decades now; but nobody cares as long as it only happens to someone else's family.

   5. Not to be outdone, it appears that one of the New America's Party Youth Organizations, the Girl Scouts, have begun issuing Merit Badges in the name of Rainbow Pride. Among the activities the little ones do to earn this award are making a sketch of an admired homo; attending a so-called 'pride event;' and making a music playlist of homo artists. Their counterpart, the Young Pioneers, Boy Scouts were sold out years ago by stalwart Conservatives like Robert Gates and 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson. 

    Since their conversion into youth movements, enrollment numbers have been declining; however this means nothing to the ideologues behind them. They'll take a smaller number of correctly indoctrinated youth to be groomed for future activism and leadership positions (alongside being groomed for other things) against nonconformists whom they intend to marginalize anyway.

    While we might be inclined to shake our heads at how our culture is decline; we ought to realize that the reverse perspective is also true: these stories represent one week's progress in implementing the Great Reset. We've had many weeks just like it and a lot more coming.

    Despite the Fascists' land-grabs, gun-grabs, political purges, and preying upon the nation's youth, Conservatives---and Americans in general---continue along in blissful ignorance; apparently still not convinced that the people behind the Great Reset weren't joking about what they intend to do: and even worse, about the fact that they've already accomplished many of their goals and are well on the way to completing them. In spite of there having been no electoral reform of any kind and opposition leaders being thrown in jail and organized movements against dissent rapidly taking place; we still have pundits assuring us that polls, elections, and political stunts to own the Libtards actually matter. Even more ridiculous are the keyboard-warriors on the Alt-Right who fantasize about another Civil War: even though the Opposition has a stranglehold on the Military-Industrial Complex and the proponents of this 'Great Uprising' have no organization, plan, or even numbers to back them up. 

    If anyone wants a specimen of where the majority of Americans' minds are, contrast today's top-trending news stories against the ones listed above:

    1. "Patriots owner announces he'll break HOF rule for Tom Brady." 

    2. "Michigan State head coach fired after allegations of sexual misconduct."

    3. "Chris Evans marries Alba Baptista in Cape Cod wedding with his Superhero co-stars as guests."

   4. "Danny Masterson victim shares clip of Ashton Kucher talking about kissing 14- year old Mila Kunis."

   5. "Questions about Melania Trump's whereabouts hit an all-time high ahead of Donald's Iowa appearance." 

  6. "The two marijuana stocks that could jump by 66% and 79% according to Wall Street experts."

  7. "Big Brother spoilers: Season 25's Week 6 veto winner has a huge decision to make after surprise nominations."

  Yes: that really sounds like a populace ready to brace itself firmly against tyranny. Who can doubt that such a well-educated and well-informed public isn't prepared to elect honest leaders committed to the bedrock principles of republican government? We can see from this list that it's 1776 all over again; no doubt these worthies are holding reasoned debates about restoring Constitutional Government and engaging in philosophical discussions about the Rights of Man and how best to achieve them. 

   The course of action that we should be taking is to get out of this fog of denial and start realizing that we are the Counter-culture and not the 'silent majority.' Network with like-minded people. Establish parallel economies and societies wherever possible. Disengage, disunite, disjoin from the Great Reset as much as one can. Engage in passive resistance. If they force you, obey, but never volunteer. The Great Reset, like most such schemes, ultimately will fail but we need to disillusion ourselves of the idea that it will be defeated without effort and without sacrifice. 


  1. Good post. I especially like your advice, "we are the Counter-culture and not the 'silent majority" and also, "Disengage, disunite, disjoin from the Great Reset as much as one can. Engage in passive resistance." Amen.

    That can be a very gentle and lawful thing like simply refuse to buy a case of Bud Light and go watch the football game. I'm chuckling, but I crossed paths with some very brave and heroic men who decided to all go fishing yesterday instead. They made an impact, people noticed. That's what "counter culture," looks likes.

    1. In 2021, I was promoting a movement started by vloggers like Davey Crocko, Nightwave, and others called 'White Boy Summer.' Basically it was telling White Males who were getting shamed for everything to ignore Social Media and the put-down artists for a Summer and go out and have fun away from all the Political Correctness. We need more of that kind of thing.

  2. Thanks for the mention... and a full roundup of an unbelievable week of chaos and nonsense. Agree, we need to end the term "silent majority." The frog needs to react earlier and faster to the boiling water or else.....

    1. Unbelievably, I saw a pundit on a Conservative site boasting about how the Left (i.e. Great Reset promoters) were afraid of us because the 'precedents' they started (which really were started by the Neocons) would come back to haunt them when we have our 'Red Wave.' It sure doesn't sound from those stories like the Deep State is quaking in its boots. They're driving ahead full-steam and don't seem especially concerned about any consequences.