Saturday, September 2, 2023


       84 years ago today, Americans picked up the morning newspaper and saw this story in the headlines:

     For those who graduated from public schools and universities: the significance of that event was the start of World War 2. Like our Pentagon today, the Polish military was totally unprepared, though they knew that war was likely. They had beaten the Russians in war about 20 years earlier, believed they were invincible; resting on their laurels it never occurred to them to upgrade or that other countries might have studied their plans and worked out counter-strategies. The Polish people likewise were over-confident and warnings that they were falling well behind Germany fell on deaf ears. The war lasted about a month, and Poland ended up annexed to the Third Reich.

    The United States entered the war in 1941, though it was Soviet troops who liberated Poland. There are only a few Americans left who remember the Second World War. It was actually my grandparents' generation who participated in it, and the great-grandparents' of a lot of my younger associates.  Poland was badly handled by the Nazi occupiers; their ultimate plan was Ethnic Cleansing of the Polish people and resettlement of Germans in the area with high-tech 'wonder cities' and farms. 

    In the eight and a half decades since, where are we today? When the war ended, Allied powers formed the United Nations and vowed "Never Again!" So far, we haven't had a Third World War, but the main fear of mid-Century thinkers was the possibility that the kinds of ideologies which brought about the War and the Holocaust could resurface as memories of the historical events passed. We are now nearly a quarter of the way into the 21st Century, and a cursory examination of conditions in the contemporary United States ought to give us pause.

    We've documented here many times that the death-rates among children and young adults is skyrocketing, along with infertility rates and infant mortality. Among those of us in middle-age groups, the same problems are present: and all of these can be traced directly to narcotics and unsafe additives in foods, water, and medicines---many of which are banned in other countries. We don't call this genocide, we call it 'population control' and even good business practices. On top of this, we are taught that Abortion and Euthanasia of the unwanted and unfit are fundamental human rights. 

     In our schools and workplaces, ideology is promoted above merit or intelligence. Roaming gangs of American youth smash store-windows, beat up undesirables, tear down monuments and destroy churches and other symbols of our culture. Cancel Culture---the polite, politically-correct term for censorship and intimidation is actively encouraged. One's social media profile can be used to deny employment or admission to schools. Blacklisting, shadowbanning, and deplatforming are carried out with impunity against political dissidents. 

     Our police and legal system have become more politicized and militarized since the end of the last century. Today, there's not even the pretense of justice. Judges are selected for their ideology and not their legal knowledge. We've reached the point today where political candidates are being put on trial via legal witch-hunts; elections and laws are challenged and decided by political Courts. The Law of Rules has replaced the Rule of Law; and politically-charged trials often result in disproportionate sentences, while those charged with crimes deemed Politically Correct are waved off, or end with light sentences. 

     Our foreign policy isn't called 'Irredentism' any longer; it's termed exporting democracy and regime change. 'National Security' is synonymous with US Corporate hegemony to the degree that it is no longer even hidden as to its motives. The 20th Century ended with hegemonic wars and has evolved into Corporate-backed proxy-wars and 'color revolutions' to achieve the same purpose. It's no secret that our so-called 'Allies' and 'partners' are little more than stage-prop governments held up by American bayonets and the threat of economic destitution. 

      At the top of this chain, we have a self-appointed 'Elite' of woke Corporate Oligarchs; the top 10%: in other words, a Master Race who believes itself ordained to initiate a New Order based on their domination of Technology. They control our Government through lobbying, Regulatory Capture, and effective domination of Media and Academia. 

    The fears of our forefathers, in other words, have come true. We are the new Axis



  1. Good points. I think an important part of "never again" has to include empathizing and understanding all sides. One must temporarily self identify as a "good German" for the purpose of understanding how easy it is to become one, how much we all have in common with them. All these "bad guys" in history are not an aberration, they are us.

    I wish I could offer some optimism, some hope, but we're currently bragging and celebrating the arrest of our presidential political opponent and gleefully sentencing Jan 6 protesters to decades of jail time for moving a portable fence.

    1. I'm reminded of something that an American judge said at the conclusion of one of the Nuremberg Trials: "The fate of these defendants illustrate one of the most shattering truths that have emerged from this trial. If all of the leaders of the Third Reich had been degraded perverts or sadistic monsters, then these events would have no more moral significance than an earthquake, a flood, or any other natural disaster. But this trial has shown that under times of national stress ordinary---and even able and extraordinary men can delude themselves into the commission of the most unimaginable crimes. No one who's sat through the trial can forget them: men sterilized for political beliefs; a mockery made of friendship and faith; the murder of children...How easily it can happen."

      How easily indeed. Look at the sterilization and emasculation of men in our society; that friendship and faith are treated as scandalous and bigoted; and of course late-term abortion and the growing trend of pushing for euthanasia even for the young.

  2. "though it was Soviet troops who liberated Poland." Well, considering the Soviets Subjugated Poland for almost 50 years I'm not sure the Poles would agree with this statement.......