Monday, September 4, 2023


     So, we come to another national holiday whose meaning has become more or less defunct: Labor Day. Once upon a time in the formerly Free World, laborers, small merchants, farmers, professionals, etc. were very much independent and often organized through business associations that watched out for their interests. Workers once actually had a voice which made Democracy a functional form of government. The Government even once ran Extension Programs---mostly through the USDA and the Department of Commerce to help farmers and entrepreneurs to succeed. That was then, this is now, of course. Today, Stakeholder Capitalism (as Klaus Schwab and his merry-men call it) have the economic system tied to stockholder returns, workers are expendable, and schools are dumbed-down to ensure an endless supply of cheap labor in increasingly underpaid and meaningless jobs. One can't even qualify for those without meeting the ideological requirements of the HR departments. And frankly, most Americans don't give a hoot anyway.

        Thus we read that in New Zealand---one of the Charter Members of the Great Reset---rates of premature death, infertility, and chronic disease have surpassed even those of the United States. Canada, another 'partner' in the new Axis has managed to get around this problem by expanding access to euthanasia, (what used to be called eugenics and the Aktion T4 program by the self-described Nazis). Things like these used to be considered Crimes Against Humanity; but in our enlightened Postmodern Era, new terminology makes them a fundamental human right and not a deliberate program of extermination executed by power-mad fanatics. This is the trajectory that the United States is well on the way to achieving; likely long before the end of the decade. 

      Too, we also overlook and summarily dismiss the fact that, by their own admission, the new, would-be Master Race of the global Top 10% of financial and commercial Oligarchs consider 4 out 5 humans as useless parasites and unnecessary obstacles in supporting these grandees in opulence and power. Thus we see why Labor Day has become another redundant holiday, because both work and workers are no longer valued by anybody. 

      Don't expect the so-called political leadership in the Anglosphere to do anything to reverse these trends; and no, it didn't just start under Biden or because of the Scamdemic. If anything, the Scamdemic---in the prescient words of a physician friend of mine---"mandated masks for our faces while ripping the masks off our souls." 2020 revealed that behind the facade of American Exceptionalism, lay the fraud and moral corruption of postmodern American Culture. Collectively speaking, we were exposed before the world as a society of cowards, knaves, hypocrites, and malignant narcissists; and that all the championing of faith, family and freedom was nothing but a lie; but a useful one, because the Big Lie allowed us then (and now) to continue in self-righteous self-deception. 

    This is why there is no political solution to this problem---not only because the majority of politicians are slavish shills of the Vested Interests---but because they would have to touch the proverbial Third Rail and inform the voting public that most of our problems are entirely of our own making. The combined fear, evasion, selfishness, and stupidity of the average voter gave us a political class which has merely responded in kind and sacrificed our liberties for personal gain.

    The problem again is a spiritual one, because today we are a society without a soul, no respect for the Laws of Nature or Nature's God; where expediency overrules principle; and the worship of success, security, and power at any price cancels any sense of one's duty to his fellow-man. Whether or not that can be reversed is an open question.


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