Sunday, September 24, 2023


     September has been a month with a lot of activity in Foreign Policy issues all across the globe. The remarkable thing that's characterized this month's international meetings has been the very clear assertion of power by most of the developing against the Great Reset's delusions of a New World Order. The humiliations that the Biden/Harris Junta suffered at the ASEAN, G-20, and UN General Assembly Summits were juxtaposed against the successes of America's so-called 'enemies' at the BRICS and Eastern Economic Forums. The Deep State's utter impotence against military revolts against them in Africa, their failure to stop the Russian liberation of Eastern Ukraine, their sinking fortunes in Taiwan, and their inability to prevent long-standing allies Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Argentina from switching sides and growing instability in Europe underscored an important fact: although the Oligarchs might have the Anglosphere under their thumbs, their fantasies of global domination are a long way from realization. 

     The reverses suffered at the UN General Assembly were downplayed or ignored by the American Corporate Media. It was actually one of the more contentious meetings in recent UN history. The United Nations, in recent times, has been little more than a rubber-stamp of anything proposed by the US State Department to give the illusion of some international solidarity behind Beltway policies (much like Elections are in the US itself). This year, however, there was quite a bit of stirring among the national leaders---mostly over the issue of unequal representation. 

     Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his disgust to the Turkish Media after the meeting, pointing out that the even the decor of the UN Meeting Hall was designed to overawe participants with symbolism of who was actually in charge. 

     “One of the issues that bothers me the most... is that when entering the United Nations General Assembly, you see the LGBT colors on steps and other places," Erdogan said“How many LGBT [people] are there in the world right now? However much right they have on these steps, those against LGBT have as much right as well. This is a humanitarian issue and we need to know that there are people who are disturbed by this.” The President also said that he intended to initiate a formal protest to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, though given Guterres' history as the former Socialist Prime Minister of Portugal; his former presidency of the Socialist International; and the fact that he's attended nearly every WEF meeting since 2007; it's likely that the Sultan's protests will fall on deaf ears. 


    While homosexuality isn't illegal in Turkey, the Government there has followed the enlightened policies of its neighbors, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, and others of suppressing attempts by this pernicious group to undermine and destabilize their societies. Across Turkey, homo student organizations in universities have been shut down---with the full support of Turkish intellectuals and academics. Dr. Saffet Kose, chancellor of  Kâtip Çelebi University spoke at the Great Family Gathering rally on Sep. 17, in Istanbul. 

   "For the salvation of our generation, the survival of our society, the peace of our nation and the continuation of humanity; I call on everyone to protect the family institution, to be one heart against the LGBT imposition." Professor Kose stated, "State officials have the duty to take steps against LGBT individuals, who are a threat to all humanity, a challenge to the natural order and attempting to impose social corruption.”  Would that our country still had Academics with the courage to speak out like that: but in our exceptional nation which holds to Freedom of Speech and Liberty of Conscience, no Academic who did would be permitted to teach anywhere. 

    Erdogan's principled stand also highlights that the use of such symbolism for propaganda purposes was not lost on him. Advertisers and Propagandists have known for decades the value and connotation of symbolism. It wasn't any accident that one of the first acts of the Biden/Harris Junta was to order the Rainbow Flag flown next to our national ensign. The Rainbow symbol formerly was used by the WEF itself, until the connections became too obvious. Nonetheless, the original logo of the Fourth Industrial Revolution bears a striking resemblance to the central image in the UN display pictured above:

    The symbolism behind the Rainbow wasn't chosen by accident. The Rainbow conjures an image to most of Mankind as a symbol of peace and order after a storm. Probably the most famous example in literature was written in the Biblical story of the Great Flood. When Noah's Ark reached dry land and safety after a 40-day cleansing of the Earth, God made a rainbow to symbolize a 'new order' for Mankind. Rainbows are also symbolic in human folklore as an emblem of rest and repose after a great quest: legends tell that following a rainbow to its end, one will find treasure enough for a life of leisure. 

    The powers behind the Great Reset chose the Rainbow for the same reason: they promise a world free from responsibility and care; though what they don't show is that that world is a Paradise only for themselves, and a sterile, purposeless existence for the rest of us. All of this promotion of 'population control,' 'sterilization campaigns,' 'family planning'---all just terms substituting for Genocide---apply to us, not to them. As the new Master Race, they'll still perpetuate themselves; the Gay Agenda, legal abortion, euthanasia, and extending Cancel Culture to heterosexual behavior is our future, not theirs. 

   While it must admitted that President Erdogan is an accomplished practitioner of Realpolitik (which is probably a survival mechanism in Turkish politics), he is ultimately a Turkish patriot who isn't going to sell out the interests of his country when it really comes down to long-term survival as a culture. Erdogan understands that strong families are the basis of any stable social order, and deserves credit for standing up to Cultural Imperialism. 


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