Friday, January 26, 2024


     Judging by the current news cycle, the so-called Crisis on our Southern Border is generating considerable hysteria and vitriol. I haven't seen this much of a moral panic since last winter when somebody spotted a derelict Chinese weather balloon over a Montana cornfield and no one could rest easy until the Air Force shot it down. This being an election year, and the only issues that the Controlled Opposition have are Immigration and China, naturally these two things are going to dominate the Media narratives. 

    Today we're going to ask a couple of questions to those who still believe that the Republican Party is capable of running our lives when they can't even manage a competent political campaign. 

    Question 1: A poll released today showed that 1/4 Americans aged 18-25 identify as nonbinary. The generation following them will probably see even higher numbers since---thanks largely to both parental and political neglect---those children and teens have grown up under such indoctrination. Add to this the fact that the US now ranks at bottom of Developed Nations in infant mortality; that marriage is declining and that half of pregnancies end in an abortion mill; that nearly 1/5 of young Americans are clinically infertile; that scores of thousands are dropping dead for no apparent reason while just about as many are dying from suicides and overdoses. Add also to this that over half of Americans can't read above a 6th-grade level, about a third use narcotics, and about a third are morbidly obese. 

  Query: How is getting rid of immigration going to fix that?

       Question 2: Over the last three decades, we've permitted Corporate Robber Barons to outsource and offshore our industrial and agricultural bases. We've destroyed organized labor, can't produce even the simplest basic necessities on our own soil, and let both our physical and educational infrastructure get to the point of near collapse. Extended power outages, the effects of natural phenomenon, wildfires, floods, droughts, failures of dams and bridges: all of these increasingly are becoming commonplace and the after-effects long-standing. We're no longer the leaders in space or undersea exploration, and our technological superiority is declining.

   Query: How is containing China supposed to help any of that?

    Both of these issues pivot on a simple principle that we once learned about 3rd Grade or so: Nature abhors a vacuum. It really isn't that difficult to comprehend. If the dominant culture in a given society fails to reproduce or invest in its youth, it will end up being replaced by a minority culture. If a leading economic power decides to stop producing, other economic powers will eventually surpass it. If White Anglo-Saxons are being displaced and our status as a world power is diminishing--- all that one can ask honestly is: What did you expect was going to happen? 

    These problems didn't just start under Biden despite what PragerU and the Claremont Institute say. These problems have been building up for a long time, were routinely ignored, and now we're seeing them reaching their logical conclusions. Our problems caused by the same things that caused them in the first place: a refusal to face reality. We on the Right---like those on the Left before us---want to cling to illusions and want to believe that virtue-signalling like putting razor wire on the border and dropping atomic warheads on Iran will bring us all into the Promised Land of the Pax Americana where all of the young girls are virgins again and workers sing for joy in factory and field. We want to believe that if only we had the right people in charge, they'd save us all from ourselves without any cost or personal sacrifice along the way.  

   If we actually are going to turn things around, we need to start by putting down the drugs, turning off the pornography, and stop listening to clueless demagogues. Then we need to start facing reality and working from there. But it's unlikely that will happen: instead it seems that we'll all go on believing that it's all somebody else's fault. 



  1. Well said! Those are important questions to be asking. Somebody smart once said, "everybody always wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves." That's part of the reason why I focus on faith so much, faith is an inside job and it changes us. When we change, everything around us begins to change. Just like you said, "we need to start by putting down the drugs, turning off the pornography, and stop listening to clueless demagogues." Absolutely, but many people are trapped in our own behaviors and don't even realize there are other options. Jesus came to set the captives free, but a good chunk of the captives don't even realize they are slaves.

    1. Thanks---I doubt that I'll get too many answers. I've asked similar ones before without much discussion. The leadership on the Right today reminds me of the Pharisees who wouldn't accept Jesus as righteous unless He put Himself under their authority. All of Jesus' good works and moral teachings didn't count for anything with them because they were so convinced of their own self-righteousness.