Tuesday, September 1, 2020


    During a violence-filled week when the public's attention was well distracted, the US Center for Disease Control released (or possibly someone leaked) an official report on the actual number of US deaths attributive to COVID-19. The report showed about what most of us have suspected. Out of a claimed 183,000 alleged COVID deaths, only about 10,000 had no chronic co-morbidity at the time of death. The overwhelming percentage of the latter number were in advanced old age---in fact, past the average American lifespan. In other words, COVID-19 was about as deadly as a typical flu season. 

   Why did I suspect that an honest CDC report would show that the COVID Crisis was a hoax all along? One reason is because I've seen it before. I well remember the Government-Media-Academia Complex lying about H1N1, the West Nile Virus, the AIDS 'epidemic', the Avian Flu, the Swine Flu, Ebola, the Zika Virus, SARS,---all of these were going to kill Americans by the millions because, well, we were overdue for a pandemic! Now, while all of these outbreaks caused a significant hysteria, COVID-19 outdid them all combined in terms of national panic. 

  There were other reasons too. Reasons like the World Health Organization not declaring a pandemic until the same day that Bill Gates donated enough to cover the costs of US withdrawal from that group. Reasons like nobody producing any proof of these mass-deaths---sort of like the mass-graves in Kosovo that never existed. Reasons like nearly everyone pushing the official narrative having ties to Big Pharma. Those, and the fact that nearly every preventative measure the 'experts' recommended made absolutely no sense. 

   And despite all of this, the Ameroboobs actually fell for the Big Lie. 

    'Chumps' is exactly right, Mary. That uniquely American problem---that of acting first and thinking later really came back to bite us hard this time. 100,000+ businesses destroyed; civil rights suspended in 40+ states; schools, libraries, and essential services shut down; people forcibly locked down; scores of millions reduced to poverty; the worst economic quarter in history; 20+ million unemployed; billions---maybe trillions---sent up the chimney to multinational financial cartels; our national debt practically on the verge of national bankruptcy; idiotic mask mandates---while Americans hoarded toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and SPAM. 

  There are times when the sheer stupidity of the average American makes me ashamed of being born here. Fortunately, we're a large wealthy country---no place on Earth without our natural advantages could survive a population of morons like we can.

   I suppose there is poetic justice in this too. Think of all the Serbians, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Afghans, Haitians, and others died worldwide because of Ameroboob gullibility and the need to bomb somebody---anybody--- and do something. This same proclivity to believe any nonsense that anybody posing as an 'expert' with a private agenda spouts has also cost us many of our own freedoms, and the dumb-bells fell for every single one of them every single time. All the Corporate Media has to say is 'New Normal' and Americans fall into line like human ten-pins.

      That's right, Dr. Sowell. And the shame of it is, the American people have been conned so many times by the same con-men one would think that eventually they'd catch on. This is exactly how the Deep State built such an Empire of Crime and Deceit. They could count upon the finished products of our dumbed-down and politically-corrected schools to believe whatever their Economic and Political overlords told them. We've even reached the point where millionaire Basketball stars are wearing 'Black Lives Matter' shirts and protesting in front of an audience of cardboard cutouts. I honestly can't conceive of a more fitting metaphor for the state of American Society than that.

    As expected now that this CDC report is circulating, Social Media has taken steps to suppress it as 'fake news' and the MSM has been spinning it as 'taken out of context.'  But the truth is out: every policy erected on the COVID 'crisis' has a lie for its foundation and human stupidity for its support. Anybody who falls for the Media spin again deserves whatever happens to them. 

  Yes, exactly---like this nonsense about 'being overdue for a pandemic'. The American public has been conditioned for decades that a pandemic was inevitable; and that when it came, we'd be unprepared for it and that millions would die. Of course, there's no way to prepare for what we don't know will happen---especially when that event is only hypothetical. The Earth saw a mass-extinction event that destroyed the dinosaurs---does that mean another such event is 'inevitable' or that the Earth is 'overdue' for a mass-extinction event? 

  Maybe---just maybe---we haven't had a killer pandemic for so long is because technology has advanced to reduce the probability of such events? The Media Hyenas keep comparing COVID-19 to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1917-1919. But let's get a grip here. In 1919, we didn't even know what a virus was, let alone how to deal with it. If Americans started thinking for themselves for a change, such propaganda would have no effect on them. 

  But thinking for oneself is practically a lost art in today's America; and if the COVID 'crisis' should teach us anything, it's that we, as a people, are our own worst enemy. We meet hysterical, self-interested propaganda by putting our heads in the sand; by joining in the panic; by looking for monetary 'angles'---anything but facing the story squarely and deciding its truth or falsehood from the facts. Well, it's time to start facing facts, because we've dug ourselves into a deep, deep hole and it's going to require actual thinking to get us out of it. 


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