Sunday, September 6, 2020


    Janet Mills, the former governor and now de facto President-for-Life of the Insurgent-Occupied State of Maine, unilaterally extended the so-called State of Emergency which has allowed her to rule unchallenged and unopposed until October 1st. “Pandemic fatigue is setting in, but we cannot let down our guard, especially as some of our schools and universities bring students back on campus and back into the classroom. Let's stay focused on the end game: keeping everyone safe and healthy and protected from this dangerous virus,”  Mills said in a statement on Friday---discreetly not mentioning that only 133 Maine deaths have been attributable to COVID-19 since she seized power in March. 

   As in many other American States, the population in Maine is completely cowed and subservient to mask mandates and any other humiliation the Ruling Elite wishes to impose upon them. It hasn't occurred to anybody to ask how a cloth face-mask is supposed to stop a virus that allegedly got out of one the highest-security research facilities in the world. Nor are they asking how a virus which isn't transmissible in the Summer heat could be contagious in the first place. One other interesting question that nobody is asking is how Janet Mills' net worth has skyrocketed from $100,000 to $5 million in less than a year---a year when a lot of Maine residents were spiraling into poverty at her orders. 

     But even tyrants get bored between big schemes, and often dream up new ideas to degrade their subjects even further in the interval. Obama, recall, installed nude X-ray viewers in airports during one such downturn. Since 2014, Maine travelers not only pass through these contrivances without a whimper of protest; they even fill out Certificates of Compliance (i.e. travel permits) on top of that. Mills, however, came up with a plan that is sheer diabolic genius. She offered employers the choice of opting out of wearing masks if instead they would don a collar and cone similar to those veterinary devices placed on dogs. 

   “Front-of-house staff may wear a face shield in lieu of a face covering only if the shield is designed to be worn inverted, attaching below the face (e.g. as a collar) and open at the top of the shield, with the shield extending above the eyes and laterally to the ears,” the guidelines say. The new rule goes into effect as of Friday. An artist's depiction of what this hideous contraption would look like is seen here:

   Well, that's a blow for Freedom of Choice, I suppose. Dogs can't choose between a muzzle and a cone by themselves, but the subjects of Maine can. It's too early to tell if the cone-craze is catching on in Maine like the experts inform us that mask-wearing is nationwide. "Those are all extremely compelling reasons to wear a face mask, but just in case you needed one more: Face masks make everyone look significantly sexier." claims the appropriately-named Vice Magazine, "There’s just something attractive about a little mystery, a little obscured identity. The masks draw attention to two of our hottest and most controllable features, our eyes and hair, creating an alluring facade that also happens to hide blemishes. Masks that hug the face highlight the jawline,while pleated masks accentuate a strong nose. Bandanas and scarves exude the same casual-hot energy."

    However, I tend to believe that there is a less glamorous but more scientific reasoning behind masks and cones:

     Sadly, I suspect that Dr. Reik has exposed the Ameroboob male in all his glory. This is why we can't depend on any so-called Silent Majority for much of anything. No, preserving our Liberty is going to have be done by those who still value it and those who haven't bought in to the Zeitgeist. The majority of Americans are simply going to go on playing follow-the-leader, so they are basically irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things. The fight for our future course is between the Loyalists and the Insurgents. The very fact that Governor Mills felt confident enough to impose this kind of humiliation upon the residents of Maine show that some States may be, at this point, irrevocably lost. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that we might come out of the Rebellion a broken country. 





  1. Since everything around here (even with a so-called mask mandate) is fairly normal, it's hard to imagine places like Maine. There are so few people wearing masks that the ones who do are being shamed into taking off their masks 'cause they look dumb as stumps. I hardly saw a mask today at the grocery store, and, needless to say, there are no masks at church.

    1. Where do you live? I was in central California last week. I was the only one at a gas station NOT wearing a mask. Other places I went I saw a mix of masks/no masks.

    2. She lives in Idaho. It's a mostly pro-Constitution State, but the state and local governments are sympathetic to the coup. I live on the Pacific Coast too, where I am it's mostly compliance with the Mask Order. But this weekend, we had a Bikers' Convention in town, and I've noticed the number of masks has declined sharply.