Friday, September 25, 2020


     Apparently not content with wasting the Spring and Summer, the Whacko Left Wing greeted the advent of Autumn with an orgy of mass rioting, looting, arson, assaults, shootings, and other general mayhem. Their Ameroboob NPC hangers-on have been caught up in all of the hysteria too---it's hard to keep track of the outrage of the week that sets the country off these days. It doesn't really matter since the torpid and emasculated American male isn't going to put up much resistance to whatever the Elites declare a New Normal. 

    It's gotten so bad that Ohio State Legislator Nino Vitale posted an article on Facebook this morning about it. Vitale is a true patriot, who's been leading the charge to impeach the rotten RINO Governor Mike Dewine. 

    And blogger Adrienne gave us another act of petty tyranny in her neighborhood.  These tin-horn local despots are exceeding in their thuggery even some of the deplorable acts that the British were noted for during the War of Independence. The Colonial Government of His Most Christian Majesty King George III was notorious for suppressing open-air church services conducted in defiance of that holy doctrine of Divine Right. 

   But that was then, this is now; and Toryism is making a fashionable comeback. Put on your cuck-muzzles and go with the flow---that's the sensible thing to do; along with accepting your White Guilt. In Louisville, a city run by another anti-Christian fanatic, riots have broken out because the White Liberals were again thwarted in a fair trial. While people elsewhere are being jailed for defying the arbitrary edicts of unelected despots, in many places Liberal enforcers 'protesters' can act with impunity and self-defense is roundly discouraged. They've even taken to barging into local diners and taking over tables. There's apparently no longer any depths of humiliation to which American citizens these days will not submit. 

  Now the ostensible reason for the Louisville Riots is that a house that was long under suspicion for drug-trafficking was raided; the home belonging to one of our frontline heroes, a hospital orderly of some sort named Breonna Taylor. A shoot-out ensued, and---owing both to the darkness and the target her obese girth presented---Breonna was caught in the crossfire and was killed. Numerous attempts to indict the police officers failed. As in the George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and Daniel Prude cases, Breonna Taylor and her associates were not unknown to the local authorities. The house had been under surveillance for some time, although the Corporate News Media always somehow fails to overlook such facts. She first came under police suspicion in 2016 when the carcass of a dead drug dealer was found in a car which she owned. 

  No sooner had the officers been exonerated (again) that George Soros and allied non-profit agencies connected to Wall Street began trucking in 'protesters' and arming them as well. Soros' international crime syndicate has been driven out of Russia, Poland, Pakistan, and even his native Hungary has de facto pushed him into exile. Duterte, the President of the Philippines, even issued standing orders to his gendarmes to shoot Soros on sight. The City of New York, welcomed Soros (and his billions of dollars) where he, DeBlasio, Cuomo, and Bloomberg could further their fiendish schemes unmolested from popular revolt. 

   This is where we stand at the beginning of Fall, 2020. The Enemy is going for the Big Push---that's probably coming in October/November. Trump has begun a pushback, with Pennsylvania falling out of the Rebel States and moving to defund and even prosecute some Rebel leaders. The rest of this year, however, will determine whether we remain a free country or not. 







  1. You are dead wrong on the Louisville case. There was no trial. There was a softball case given to a Grand Jury. Grand Juries do what the state wants in almost every case.
    And so what if the apartment was under surveillance? NO incriminating evidence was found in the apartment.

    The cops had no excuse for serving a warrant, much less kicking in a door, at 12:30 AM. NONE. Taylor's size had nothing to do with her murder. The boyfriend was entirely justified in shooting in self defense when a gang of thugs kicked in the door he was sleeping behind. One independent witness said the cops announced. All others said they didn't. The cops shot an unarmed woman who was not a threat to them. Do you understand that? The cops shot an unarmed woman who was not a threat to them. Do I need to repeat that? The cops shot an unarmed woman who was not a threat to them.

    Serving the warrant in the daylight, like an honest man would do, would have prevented this murder. Knocking on the door and waiting until it was opened would have prevented this murder. Only firing when they could identify the target as a threat would have prevented this murder. Retreating and setting up a perimeter would have prevented this murder.

    This is not about Taylor and any crimes she may or may not have committed, she was never convicted of any crime. This is about out of control cops acting like they are in North Korea, China, or Iran, not the United States of America. This is about out of control cops being at war with the American people for decades.

    What will you do when one of these murderous gangs misreads the number on your house or on their paperwork and kicks in your door at 1 AM? What will you do when one of these gangs falsifies evidence and kicks in your door shooting any thing that moves (See the Tuttles of Houston). How many men have been shot down by cops trespassing on their property and shooting the home owner through a window or while the home owner is standing in their garage. How many men have to be murdered like Daniel Shaver, Ryan Whitaker, Douglas Zerby, Duncan Lemp, or Kelly Thomas (just a short list, many more names could be listed) before you acknowledge that the cops are the problem?

    1. Well, didn't I start this article by citing two cases of police enforcing illegal edicts? Locking people up for not violating any law? I've criticized the police many times here for blindly following orders and doing stupid things like kneeling with 'protesters' which has only ended up getting them shot.

      Part of the problem is that places like Louisville and elsewhere are caught in a spiral and have been for years. Imposing Politically Correct, anti-police policies has driven away most of the types of men who'd make good policemen and left the dregs who only know how to follow orders or how to play along with the latest PC trends. As you (correctly) point out, militarization of the police and erosion of Americans' constitutional rights have added to the problem.

      But the Taylor Case? Yes, there were some of these bad policies involved, but the evidence shows there was probable cause---and they had a warrant---true, a 'no knock' warrant which ought to be outlawed, but the testimony shows that there was a history of tips about drug-dealing at that location. I've even seen several Black activists---none of whom appear in the MSM regularly---who've studied the case side with the police on this one.

      I'm not familiar with some of the cases you mentioned, but I do remember ones like Ruby Ridge down to the murder of some of the protesters who occupied a forestry station during Obama's term. I think the solution to this problem is to hold the policy-makers liable instead of the police officers. In the Taylor Case, for example, it would have made more sense to indict the Judge who issued a 'no-knock' warrant and the Police Chief who authorized it. BTW, the laws used to forbid night-time services of warrants. That changed sometime back in the 90s, and needs to be another law that gets repealed or things like this are going to happen.

  2. Something I think many people don't understand, cops are only as good as their leadership. They usually answer to mayors, commissioners, and city hall. To some extent politicians set the tone and direct their behavior. Fish rots from the head first. So if you got cops ignoring rioting and looting, while arresting peaceful Christians without masks, you've got corrupt and unqualified political leadership exploiting cops for political purposes.

  3. I've watched commentary on Breonna Taylor - from different viewpoints. Ignoring extremists, all the videos the condemn the police are all missing crucial facts in the case. I do not despise these people, i applaud their efforts. I also understand that in this day and age, it is hard to get facts that contradict the mainstream media's narrative.

    Understandable that many people would come to the same conclusion as the lamestream narrative.

    What they fail to grasp is that they are being spoon fed bs