Wednesday, September 9, 2020


      From the Clinton Co-Presidency onward, there has been an ideological shift in our society that is intrinsically anti-male. It's been the policy of the Left to camouflage their motives under terms of race; but this is an illusion. They essentially push down White Men to the level of slaves under the pretense of atoning for so-called white privilege while reducing Black Men to the level of savages under the pretense that they are being empowered. They don't want traditional, masculine men of any race empowered. To understand why this is so, all one has to do is look at the cadre of males who make up the Elite. Low-Testosterone sexually perverted petty crooks, for the most part. They want to redefine masculinity because in a traditionally masculine culture they would be at the bottom of the Social Hierarchy. The only reason they have any power or respect at all is because they are propped up by their paid flatterers in Media and Academia. 

   For these last 30 or so years, the American male has submitted to an incredible number of humiliations under the guise of public policy. This weekend was yet another low point for us; as from Rochester to Pittsburgh to Portland, emboldened thugs destroyed parts of their respective cities. And most of us have seen the disgraceful videos. While police stood by, the wogs brazenly targeted restaurants: breaking furniture, beating people, stealing food, etc. I'm certain, though, that the police would have brought down anyone who defended themselves. After all, Antifa, BLM, and these other street scum are the intended replacements for traditional policing. 

   However, there was nothing to worry about in the form of resistance. The effete American male reacted predictably. "
Despite what videos might depict, we lost some glassware last night. You can not deny the anger and hurt our community is feeling right now. As always, the actions of a few agitators are amplified louder and louder as videos are shared, and conclusions are drawn. We, now and always, stand with those standing against injustice," a group of restaurant owners posted on Instagram yesterday. Male intervention in any of those violent scenes was noticeably absent.

   So what has happened to the American male? This transformation seems wholly unnatural. Men have an instinctive fear of insignificance and an instinctive drive to be the best they can be. How could they sabotage their own instinctual drives? 

      It's not a question with a simple answer. In our last article, we had occasion to mention the theory of Dr. Theodor Reik. Reik was a psychoanalyst who made the observation that Masochism was the most common sexual disorder he encountered among American men---even more prevalent than homosexuality. He further theorized that these repressed drives (because women as a rule strongly dislike this characteristic in men) could manifest themselves in a desexualized form in social interactions---with men vicariously taking pleasure in humiliation and weakness. Now, before anyone dismisses this theory, think of the character of Male Feminists and how the Cult of the Victim has taken hold in America during the last few decades. 

    Yet, how could men be convinced to work against their own instinct of self-preservation? Freud wrote earlier on the subject that it's based on a neurotic form of circular reasoning. The masochistic male feels shame and guilt which is internalized because he can't escape the feeling of inferiority, which is in turn aggravated by his desire for vicarious punishment. This cycle could eventually end in suicide, but it often is tranquilized by the employment of alcohol and narcotics. Freud also noted that these destructive impulses are often projected outward at imaginary oppressors---which we see today manifested in the notorious passive-aggressiveness of White American Males and the unbridled street savagery of Black American men. 

       How did a relatively rare sexual perversion mutate into a way of life for millions of American men in such a short span of time? I believe that it is rooted in the breakdown of the traditional family and the lack of fathers. Not only does the two social phenomena seem to track along the same timelines; but it is also known that the sexual perversion of male masochism often stems from over-identification with the mother. It looks like all of the Christian concerns about that issue over the last few years weren't so far-fetched after all. 

     There are a lot of American men who've recognized the Zeitgeist for what it is, and either are (or are striving to become) real men again. Seeing through the facade and the dynamics moving it are the first steps to turning things around. It doesn't matter if there are more of them than more of us: if we stick to what is right, we can prevail. 




  1. It's a good theory, the psychology is certainly there, and the culture does seem to be reinforcing it. Shame, unresolved, unrepentant, repressed shame, tends to lead to masochism, to a desire to be punished. Hence all the BDSM we often see in pride parades and feminist marches. Women covering themselves in tattoos and piercings and making themselves as unattractive as possible is also actually a form of masochism. When we lay our shame down at the foot of the cross, confess our sins, and receive grace and mercy, people are often set free of all that toxic shame that hinders us. Sadly, we're living in a really secular society that wants you to feel shame about everything from global warming to alleged toxic masculinity, with no hope for redemption. It's downright demonic, it's like the worst possible thing you could do to people. Our own masochism will dismantle us!

    On the bright side, I've recently had some close encounters of the good man kind, so masculinity is still kicking, good men are still fighting the good fight. Biology is just a really powerful force in our world, and a persistent one, too. What we see of men in the media is often very slanted and tends to skew our perceptions, so I need these reminders. Yesterday I got to watch a bunch of firemen and cops try to save this guy who had a heart attack. I hope it made it, but the real blessing was watching all those guys spend a good 45 minutes trying his life.

    1. Yes---good observations. It's widely believed that Secularists hate Christians because of the doctrine of Original Sin; the reality is that Secularists believe in it too: what they deny is the doctrine of Redemption. Their way is to acknowledge sin, embrace it, and claim it; ours is to acknowledge it, renounce it, and try to be better with God's Grace and help.

      As to the women you mentioned, that really isn't Masochism (it works differently in women). Ironically, it's what the Analysts would call 'Penis Envy.' These women obviously aren't envious of weak men; but what their doing is trying to fill the social vacuum left by declining masculinity. They're like the Amazons in Greek mythology who turned into warriors because they were afraid of strong men and despised weak ones.

  2. Get rid of the strong males first. As they are the biggest threat to predators.

    There's a reason you never see more than 1 bull in a herd of cows.

    I'd guess that a predator, and a very large predator at that, plans to use humans as cattle in the near future.

  3. P.S. stephen colbert is a weenie. Glad you used him as such.

    1. Yeah, Colbert's been at it again:

      Colbert strikes me as the kind of guy who answers the door in his underwear and spies on his neighbors looking for reasons to complain to the City about them.

    2. You just described half the people in my neighborhood.

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