Wednesday, January 6, 2021


    The news stories about violence in the District of Columbia and at various State capitols on the day that the Junta is supposedly formally legitimized as a real government are flooding in right now. The same Corporate Media who had nothing but effusive praise for thugs in pink hats breaking into the Senate Building to protest the Kavanaugh Hearings, or bums seizing 'autonomous zones' in major cities, or BLM scum looting and burning neighborhoods for months are of course throwing up their hands in pious horror that their years of bullying finally might be getting some pushback. 

    It's too early to tell what is behind this violence. A counter-revolution? I hope so. A False Flag Operation? More likely so. Just based upon recent historical precedent, deliberate False Flags/exploited crises outnumber Conservatives' organizing to defend themselves quite substantially. The Junta behind the Color Revolution has never forgotten the old maxim of one of its patron saints:


     Let's not forget here that the Elites and their Left-Wing dupes have all along made it clear that their so-called unity plans and great resets contain no room for opposition. They've always spoken and written of us in terms of a problem that needs to be dealt with; and never as a legitimate political or social movement. This very morning, I saw this headline at Yahoo News: "Maskless Morons Gather in Washington to Support the Worst President in History." Does anyone believe that they're above staging a False Flag event to consolidate their Regime and expand their illegal powers? They've been doing it with impunity since Inauguration Day, 1989. 

   "But what if this is a real popular uprising?" someone may ask. In that case, I might take a few days off to go join in. 😇 We'll see as the story develops. My point here for now is think before you act. That doesn't mean not taking any action; but just remember that the Enemy will still be there 10 minutes from now, so stopping to make a well-informed plan isn't going to hurt. 


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