Thursday, December 23, 2021


     While the Mainstream Media is busily instilling in Americans a Yuletide spirit of the cheerless gloom that their Masters behind the Great Reset hope to make the New Normal, we've managed now to make it to a second Christmas since the Putsch. Most Americans have already forgotten the spectacular Christmas pageants held at the White House during the last Administration's term, even though it was less than five years ago. 

     But Americans preferred going back to their lives of drug-fueled drama, mass-hysteria, and internacine hatred and so, the first Christmas of the New Order is marked by relatives turning away family over the Loyalty Vaxx, artificial price inflation, and fake shortages and incessant scoldings from the Intelligentsia. The Junta kicked off the celebration of the most famous Birth in history by approving over-the-counter abortion pills. They've been celebrating the Advent of the Prince of Peace by threatening atomic war. Meanwhile both the nominal Head-of-State and his surrogates have been encouraging further division and segregation based on one's loyalty to the State; and the Pentagon is advocating turning its weaponry on American Nationals. Millions of Americans are facing job loss as the purges begin ramping up. The cities of Chicago, New York, and Washington announced this week even more repressive curfews and home detentions. 

    Not to be outdone, the rest of the Anglosphere and their satraps in the EU have been accelerating their repressive measures. Despite things like bringing back Secret Police Forces to enforce mass-segregation of the Disloyal and unleashing brutal suppression of protests, the EU has sent their official Goodwill Ambassador Riccardo Simonetti to promote the new spirit of the Christmas Season.

    Which is why I say that we who live in so-called 'Western Democracies' should make the most of this year's Christmas Festivities, because at this rate we're unlikely to have too many more future opportunities to do so. 

    Meanwhile, though, it's not all doom and gloom because some countries and cultures still respect Christmas. 





   But let's not forget, we are the 'Exceptional Ones.' 

     Spite all of these jerks: have a mask-free, friendly, and fun celebration with a good dinner and lots of presents and decorations. Christmas stands for Peace and Joy and everything else the Elites hate. 

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