Monday, November 19, 2018


     The US Department of Justice announced last week that Marilyn Nolan, 68, the former CEO of Preferred Family Healthcare, plead guilty to Federal charges of Conspiracy, Embezzlement, and Misappropriation of Federally-Funded Charitable Monies. She will thus be joining her confederates, former high-flying lobbyist D.A. Jones and slimy operative Milton Cranford for extended terms in the Federal Pen. 

    This was a really rotten trio of swamp creatures. A more or less complete compendium of their crimes can be found here, here, and here. The scam ran the entire length of the Obama Administration and, by its own admission, the IRS can't even account for how much this crew took altogether. They do know that almost $7 million illegally went to political candidates, lobbies, and PACs. 

    To summarize for those who don't wish to wade through volumes of indictments: what Nolan, Jones, and Cranford were doing was taking Obamacare funds and private donations as a charity and then funneling the cash into political activism of every kind: all the way from fundraisers to outright bribery, according to the indictments. So why is the Corporate Media still pretending that Russian and Chinese operatives interfere in our elections while ignoring this kind of blatant domestic cheating? 

    Well, the answer to that question is found in the public records. According to the website, Open Secrets, the Democrats were by far the leading recipients of these ill-gotten gains. 

    Marilyn Nolan, the Feminist ringleader of the scheme is shown making 20 donations to Hillary Clinton; 28 to the DNC and affiliated committees; and several to Democrat politicians Claire McKasgill and Jon Tester. 

    Milton Cranford's largest recipient by far was Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor. Conner Eldridge, former Obama-appointed US Attorney and unsuccessful Democrat Senate candidate also received substantial funds. 

   David Jones is listed on the site as one of Obama's 'bundlers' directing about $33,000 under-the-table donations to the former President in 2008. 

   This case is a perfect example of why we elected Trump and why our government needs more like him. Those three crooks behind this scheme are exactly the type of material upon which the Deep State was built and maintained. It wouldn't be surprising if there are others doing the same things---the Clinton Foundation being a likely suspect. This is why we need to stay the course, and stay behind Trump and his reforms. 


  1. I might have said this before... I wonder if all these illegal activities are the reason why so many people are in a complete meltdown over the new president.