Saturday, November 17, 2018


    Adrienne had a good article up today noting both the passing of John Taylor Gatto and a commentary on the state of American education by Rush Limbaugh. Gatto was one of the last traditionalist educational philosophers active in the United States. Familiar terms to us in critiquing public education: 'dumbing down' and 'provisional self-esteem' were coined by Gatto. 

    Now the passage that she quotes from Limbaugh raises a question about the Millennial Generation and what effect this cascading downward slide of our educational system has done to it. Though the dumbing-down has been going on for awhile, it really ratcheted up during the disastrous Clinton Administration. Lesbians Hillary Clinton and Donna Shalala packed the US Department of Education with some of the most venomous radicals imaginable. Bush Junior and his RINO policies did little to change any of this; and Obama accelerated the decline even further. But back in the 90's I can recall one old grey-haired History professor who was then counting down to his retirement and future idyllic days with his young mistress. Of Academic trends he told me, "Son, it's just common sense to see where the country is headed. If you dumb down the curriculum, teach that everything is morally relative, and emphasize self-esteem without accomplishment---you'll get a batch of people who are both stupid and amoral but too arrogant and too self-righteous to realize it."

     Those words have become prophetic in many ways. 

     The sad fact is that, as Gatto pointed out, this 'self-esteem' promoted by the Academic Left is an illusion, because it's not based in self-confidence but in social validation from self-appointed 'experts'. Millennials like to imagine that they are the most independent thinkers of anyone in previous history. In reality, for the most part, they are completely helpless unless someone else is telling them what to do and how to think. 

     Limbaugh expresses concern over where this is going to lead, but he doesn't need to look much further than Pennsylvania. These Academic charlatans who wanted to remove the Ten Commandments from schools should have read the Bible a little further to the part about sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind. Academia has bestowed upon civilization a social powderkeg just waiting for a political arsonist to show up with a torch. 

     This is because---although the Millennials are intellectually weak---their massive sense of entitlement and proclivity to irrational violence makes them ripe material for fanatics and would-be despots. Reversing this trend is not going to be easy, but it will take decisive action. Betsey DeVos is facing a tough battle rooting out the cancer, but our side is making progress. Hopefully, 'Generation Snowflake' will become nothing more than a historical curiosity while kids growing up in the Trump Era are being educated again. 

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