Sunday, November 4, 2018


    On Friday night, another of the Red-Pill Cult decided to become a martyr for whichever Manosphere mountebanks he happened to follow. The Chicago Tribune relates:

    "A brooding military veteran (nota bene) and former teacher (nota bene) appeared to have made videos in which he railed at women and blacks, years before he fatally shot two women at a Florida yoga studio, wounded five other people and then killed himself." 

     That the perpetrator this cowardly attack---a complete loser named Scott Beierle---is part of the Red Pill Movement is almost self-evident from that description alone. And sure enough, The New York Intelligencer didn't have to dig very deep to find proof. Beierle was involved in the Incel sect, as evidenced by much of the terminology that he employed. He was also an admirer of Incel heroes Eliot Roger and Alex Minassian. These two killed 17 people between the two of them; and spoke of a social revolution wherein the sexual sans-culottes would rise up in violence and establish some New Order, or something.

    Like many other Red Pills, Beierle had an extensive criminal record: mostly minor cases of sexual battery; and he was banned from the Florida State University campus. 

    One part of the problem that we face in America dealing with this potentially violent sect is that there is a genuine issue underlying it that effects normal men. Not only do we live in a misandryist culture, there are significant obstacles facing single men today. Among them are demographic problems; miseducated and disinformed women who have no idea how to maintain a real relationship; and a media culture which simultaneously shames men for not being sexual conquistadors while destroying men who actually live up to that 'ideal'. 

     The fact is that men today have been dealt a difficult hand; but that men have to play the cards as they're dealt. The Incel Cult attracts many vulnerable men who (wrongly) blame themselves for a lack of sexual success. They are then gulled by their cult leaders into projecting their self-loathing onto women. Male Feminists actually do the same thing, though they 'embrace' their self-loathing. The logical end of the Incel is mass-murder; the logical end of the Male Feminist is suicide.

     The way that normal men can protect themselves from this kind of fate is to understand this simple proverb: You are not your circumstances. Or, as famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl expressed in active terms: "An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior." And Frankl knew, because he survived Auschwitz. In our Postmodern Era of Sexual Anarchism, not having a traditional, stable relationship doesn't make you any more of a loser than getting sent to Auschwitz made one a criminal. 

     The same cannot be said, however, for the leaders of these kinds of online communities. They are mostly dishonest men; and hypocrites besides, because their misogyny really stems from latent/repressed homosexuality. Both Roger and Minassian were obvious homosexuals, though we'll never hear that admitted in this Politically-Correct milieu. The reason that they encourage violence against women is because women represent symbolically (in the Incels' neurotic reasoning) the evil within themselves. They're driven to destroy to, in a sense, offer human sacrifices to relieve their own guilty consciences. 

    Don't fall for their lies. They just use men like Bierele to work out their own psychological dysfunctions. Nobody is going to improve gender relations via terrorism: that's just common sense. Just do the best you can, and don't make apologies. And above all, don't become radicalized.  

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    I just did a google search for "latest shooting spree". It gave a list of news stories about the Bakersfield incident in September.

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