Tuesday, November 20, 2018


    For the last few months now, Red-Pill Game/PUA chieftain Vox Day has been engaging in yet another envy-fueled rage: this time against Jordan Peterson. And so far his hysterical outbursts have had about negative effect on Peterson as his previous tirades against John Scalzi, Ben Shapiro, and Ethan Van Scrivener; to wit, none whatsoever. 

    Frustrated both by Peterson's success and his own complete lack thereof, Vox has self-published an attack on Peterson titled Jordanetics. It contains a preface penned by the pervert Milo Yiannopoulis and ringing endorsements from such fellow Gamers and Alt-RINOs as Rollo Tomassi, Krauser PUA, Chateau Heartiste, and Vox' newest disciple, Alex Jones. Vox is already trumpeting the tome as a 'bestseller' although it doesn't appear on any bestseller-lists of any repute; and, as always, Vox discreetly doesn't tell us what his sales figures actually are. 

   Vox calls Peterson "a danger" and actually accuses him of establishing an anti-Christian cult with fanatical followers who would do anything to serve him! As if that wasn't psychological projection enough, Vox says of Peterson:  "I would point out that he is a drug-addled, integrity-challenged depressive little bitch prone to crying in public, who is one of the last people any sane young man should look to as a role model." 

    Now that everyone's finished laughing, we should point out that about the only real danger posed by Peterson to young men is the risk of severe constipation from following his loopy diet-fads. Peterson's book on The 12 Rules of Life is a weird admixture of Machiavelli, Karl Jung, and Dr. Phil; but at least it encourages men to do a few positive things to improve their lives---which is more than Vox can claim to have done.

     Overall, I believe that Peterson's book is vastly overrated, but nothing in it does anybody any real harm either. Unlike Vox Day, Peterson has never held up men like Anders Breivik as male role models. He doesn't teach men to avoid educated women or praise the Taliban for assassinating schoolgirls. Peterson doesn't teach young men to doxx and troll-storm his opponents. Peterson doesn't give men relationship advice like "a few acid-burned faces is a small price to pay for lasting marriages and stable families." 

     Peterson doesn't create online blacklists and publicize them for fanatics to follow. He doesn't tell young men that churches are for 'cucks'; or that non-Whites are subhumans; or that men don't need women's consent for sex. Vox accuses Peterson of being a 'liar', yet teaches his own followers that controlling the 'narrative' is more important than telling the truth. 

     However flawed Peterson might be, Vox Day is not even close to his level. There is no such cult as 'Jordanetics'; but Vox' cult of the Red Pill is very real and very dangerous.



  1. Ha! Very funny. VD is so awful sometimes, he's just like a parody or a satire of his own self.

    I'm a bit fond of JP. His dietary stuff is probably downright dangerous, his faith is pretty weak if it exists at all, and he's prone to melancholy. That said however, he's likable, he genuinely seems to care about other people, even though he sometimes seems to have a hard time communicating with them. I suspect he is actually very intelligent and that can sometimes make it hard to speak to others on their level. I think some of his "clean your room" and "stand up straight" stuff is actually quite brilliant. He's trying to teach people self discipline, and taking action, claiming authority (and responsibility) over your own life. Lots of guys are missing stability, a father figure and the comfort of routine, the value of work. So get up, make your bed, take some control of your life. I'm leery of cultians, but JP seems to be preaching empowerment, which is kind of the opposite of creating dependence.

    1. I agree that Peterson isn't a cultist, unlike Vox. I'm afraid though that you may be right about the state of young men today actually needing that kind of advice. Feedback I've gotten on some of my criticisms of JP indicates that he's definitely become a father-figure for many. So he can't be all bad.

      As for his faith, I've read that Peterson is actually an Atheist, but believes that religion---especially Christianity---should be cultivated in society as a socially cohesive force for good.

    2. Of course they need that advice. Has the family not been dissolving? Haven't fathers been removed from their homes? Behold the fruits - a generation of men who hunger for their lost fathers' wisdom.

    3. Nate: You and IB are totally right about. One thing that I hadn't realized in some earlier critiques of Peterson is just how bad this deficit of masculine advice really is. To me, it seemed like reading Peterson was like eating pablum; but what I heard from others seems to indicate that young men are a bit 'malnourished', metaphorically speaking. If Peterson is helping to correct that, good. Just don't follow his literal dietary advice, though.

    4. Of course. ;) if I want dietary advice I'd go to a medical doctor.

      For myself I've christened JBP "prophet of the gods of the copybook headings." Seems to fit him well (and I trust you'll get the reference).

  2. Let's run the list of VD's "Accomplishments":

    1. VD based on rumors I hear, lives on daddy's laundered money in Italy. I also recall his father threatening a judge which only added to his sentence. So in this case VD never really had to work for anything since he has a pile of money around.

    2. His attacks on his targets barely dented them. He seems to get worse as time goes on.

    3. His praise on Brevik only solidified his status as a psychopath.

    4. His attacks on Peterson is reminiscent of Emimem's "Stan". Watching Stan's deteriorating mind in the music video may offer us a glimpse to VD's state of mind now. Yikes!

    1. Among his other achievements is being the only sci-fi writer ever expelled from the writers' guild. He's also the only writer whose works average below the 'none of the above' option at their annual awards ceremonies. That takes some real effort at incompetence.

  3. Geez...you guys need to stop talking about VD ;)