Friday, November 2, 2018


     Alec Baldwin, a prominent Left-Wing Hollywood loudmouth, is in a New York City Jail today after losing his marbles at a Manhattan parking lot and beating a man half his size. Baldwin, who has a net worth of over $65 million, apparently flipped out after another driver took a parking space ahead of him. 

     We can't confirm rumors that the victim of Baldwin's Liberal outrage is a Trump supporter; hence we can't say with any certainty that this was a TDS-related attack. But everyone---especially Conservatives---needs to be extra vigilant right now because Leftists are imploding everywhere. 

     Witnesses say that Baldwin leapt from his vehicle screaming hysterically and shouting profanity. He caught the victim with a sucker-punch and reportedly began kicking and stamping on the man until police dragged him off. Baldwin was shrieking and making obscene gestures at the shocked crowd of onlookers before being hauled off to Greenwich Village Precinct. Police declined to say whether he was given a psychiatric evaluation or not. 

      Baldwin was jailed once before in 2014. In that case, he was stopped by two officers for cycling the wrong way on a one-way street. Baldwin flew into a rage; attacked the two police officers (one of whom was a woman) screaming profanity interspersed with self-aggrandizing phrases like: "Don't you know who I am?" and "My taxes pay your salaries! I'm the star of '30 Rock'!" Other police arrived and subdued the rampaging actor. 

      This is the type of personality whom the Left looks up to as a role model. It's said that he parodies President Trump on Saturday Night Live: a TV show that hasn't been worth watching since about 1985. 

      Social Media wasn't showing much sympathy for the millionaire celebrity's outburst.

    To the President's son's question: sadly, it's not shocking anymore. It's just the American Liberals being themselves. 


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