Wednesday, November 28, 2018


    Last week, John Chau---an Evangelical Christian from Vancouver, Washington---was killed while on a missionary trip to the Sentinel Islands. The Islands are in a remote area of the Bay of Bengal and populated by uncivilized savages. The territory is under Indian jurisdiction. 

     This weekend, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi dispatched an expeditionary force to the islands to chastise the natives and to recover Chau's body. Predictably the American Whacko Left denounced Modi's actions. They argue that introducing Christianity would corrupt the purity of the Island's culture.

   Here is a photo of some of the Noble Savages objecting to being photographed from a passing boat. Come to think of it, they do look remarkably similar to many Democrat constituencies here in the US. Prime Minister Modi is one of Trump's strongest foreign political allies so naturally the Left detests him too. 

   This is typical behavior for the Left, but the New-Age Alt-Right has jumped on the Christian-bashing bandwagon. One Red Pill blogger who calls himself Captain Capitalism, wrote a brief but irritating piece titled Christians Are P----s. In the deep argumentative style of Generation Snowflake, he links to this article and simply pontificates: "I hate 'Christians' like these. Their virtue-signalling is more important than their child."

     The article that Captain Capitalism cites refers to Chau's parents, who stated that they forgave their son's killers. Now, in the New Testament Christ prayed from the Cross "Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're doing." The Captain doesn't tell us whether Christ's example was also 'virtue signalling'; but like other cults, the Red Pills depend heavily upon their followers' ignorance of the Bible. 

    Captain Capitalism himself his a big follower of Dalrock, Roosh V, Vox Day, Wintery Knight, Rollo Tomassi, and Matt Forney. All of these guys subordinate Christianity to Game/PUA philosophy and discourage traditional Christianity at every opportunity. The Captain has a consulting business on the side: to look at his avatar tells us everything we need to know of his own character:

     In spite of being a consultant---for Heaven knows what---Captain Capitalism doesn't tell us anywhere what he thinks that Chau's parents should have done instead of forgiving their son's killers. If forgiving them wasn't the Christian thing to do, what was? He never says. Like the other Red Pills, he's notorious for criticizing Christians' behaviors, but never has any recommendations for a more Christ-like approach to a problem. 

     Looking through his blog posts, however, we can get an idea. The article following his post on Chau argues that carrying on adulterous relations with women is morally justified as long as the wives are 'liberals'. On November 1st, though, he posts that Christian men shouldn't date Christian women. So much for another cultist and fake Christian. 

     Pope Francis recently preached a homily on the subject of forgiveness which it wouldn't hurt the Red Pills to read. The Pope argues that holding grudges and resentment prevents us from behaving in a Christian way towards others. By forgiving the Sentinel Islanders, Chau's parents and his church are not hindered by hate and anger to make further attempts to convert the natives. As Tertullian said during a time of persecution: "The more that you mow us down, the stronger we grow." 


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