Friday, November 16, 2018


  For those who haven't followed this evolving story, it concerns a lifelong dirtbag named Samuel Little. Little is currently in prison at 78 years of age after a long career of committing nearly every conceivable crime. Little is also a drug addict who lived throughout the US, his residences alternating between local jails and bum jungles. In 2013, he was finally incarcerated permanently after DNA specimens linked him to three cold-case murders in Los Angeles. Little previously had been tried for the murder of a Florida woman, but was acquitted. 

   The case made some headlines in the news, and Little was forgotten until this week. Texas authorities extradited him for interrogation after his DNA matched a 1994 cold case murder there. To everyone's amazement, Little confessed not only to that killing, but to a string of others---spanning 13 states and 35 years. The victims whom he remembered number between 90-100---all of whom were women. While it's not unusual that thugs of his type will confess to sensational crimes, 30 cases on Little's list have been closed and none have been disqualified so far. Local news outlets are reporting---almost on an hourly basis---that decades-old murders have been solved. 

    About Little himself, there isn't much to say that wouldn't be better expressed from out of a gun barrel. But there are some observations worth noting about this and similar stories. 

    One is that these new technologies and Trump's new emphasis on cooperative law enforcement is not only breaking open these old cases; but it is becoming increasingly obvious that a significant number of these crimes against women are the handiwork of a few deranged and dysfunctional males. This goes strongly against the Feminist narrative that all men are 'potential rapists' or could turn to sadistic killers and violence on the spur of the moment. For example, California authorities learned though DNA recently that a still-unknown serial murderer was also responsible for at least 40 rapes. There is also a series of cold case murders in Ohio which are now known to have been committed by the same man. 

    Many in law enforcement over the last century or so probably suspected this was the case but lacked the means of proving it. The Feminist mythology that teaches women to fear men falls when confronted with reality. 

    The second point we should note is that Little spent most of his life living under the radar as a transient. American politicians---especially on the Liberal West Coast---idolize the 'homeless' and allow them to take over public sidewalks, parks, etc. Some cities like Seattle even require high-school students to perform 'community service'---including coming into contact with such people by 'volunteering' in soup kitchens, etc. 

    Now, granted the poor should be helped: but among this class are numerous dangerous psychopaths, addicts, and sexual perverts. We need, as a society, to stop treating these people as an entitled victim-class. The deserving poor need all the help we can give them. The rest need treatment of a different sort.

    Whether we'll learn from the Samuel Little Case or not is another matter. Liberals these days seem especially immune to both logic and to the evidence of their own senses. We have to expose their fallacies if we are to keep our streets safe from future Samuel Littles. 


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