Monday, November 12, 2018


    The Red Pill blogger Reality Doug has penned an article fairly typical of Manospherian interpretations of Christianity called "How Christianity Became Libtardfa." Like most writers of this stripe, he imagines that Marxism and Christianity are linked; and that real Conservatives reject both.

    Seriously. In a culture where little girls plan Satanic ritual murders and homosexual perverts freely prey on young boys, this fellow thinks that less religion is really going to help. His argument is basically a rephrasing of the Marxist dictum that religion is the opiate of the masses. Unlike the Communists, though, Reality Doug doesn't consider Christianity an obstacle to subservience to a collective. He sees it as a hindrance to men realizing their full 'Alpha' potential. 

     "White men have another conditioning going back even further. Christianity presupposes that forgiveness is real because spiritual debt is real. Christianity presupposes guilt makes us contemptible wretches. Christianity presupposes redemption is by faith, by good works, by pious suffering, by suicidal atonement in a life that should be rejected wholesale as inadequate...The Christian death cult confounds the attainment and maintenance of power with the sharing of power. Morality only touches the latter, which by definition is not universal. Free market forces above the common denominator of animals require the supremacy of property rights for producers, by superlative force. Prosperity is the fruit of skillful discrimination."

    Here we have, in all its Luciferian pride, the Red Pill/Game Philosophy spelled out. According to this thinking, Man owes nothing to God---the Alpha is a god, at least any earthly one. And the Alpha owes nothing to his fellow-men. Others are, in Red Pill parlance, chumps who deserve what they get for failing to take the Red Pill. Could the fact that this whole movement is a cult be made any clearer?

     Reality Doug is an atheist but his sentiments are found widely dispersed among the fake Christians of the Manosphere. A common theme among them is the rejection of Christ as Savior while accepting Him as Lord, or King. In this scheme of things Christ is no more than an idol: a supernatural Alpha made in the Red Pill image. 

     Naturally, Reality Doug loathes the whole concept that human dignity comes from God and not from ourselves. "The white man has dominated the globe for over 200 years." he proclaims, "That makes an indelible impression on subhumans. White men are the world’s reference. We are a standard purely by inheritance. Because we are now weak animals, we are a symbol to be co-opted and destroyed." 

     It's a singular contradiction among the Red Pills when they spout things like this. First, they tell us that Christianity is weaken the race---while admitting that we were powerful when we were more Christian. Despite the supposed superiority of the White Race, we somehow are easily being co-opted by 'subhumans.' And the reason why we are being co-opted is because of Christianity. 

     Unaware that he is running in a logical circle, Reality Doug goes on by saying the following: "As far as I know, the idea of white guilt and yellow shame as fundamentals of civilization in practice was first conceived by the YooToob video blogger 'Asymmetrical Warfare'. It is a brilliant insight. It turns out to be seminal to understanding our decline and the requisite challenge of our very existence. The masses are generally animals, and the women and non-whites among them have an axe to grind. Every time they see a white man, they are looking at the bugaboo of their inferiority proved so far back that the details don’t matter. Consider what this does for the mentally unexceptional white man, also of the masses. The white man has of late been steeped in the guilt of his forebears, his blood, his skin."

     Again, he completely misses the obvious; that is, that Civilization is civilized precisely because it rests upon cooperation, complimentarianism, and sense of duty to our fellowman. Psychologist and philosopher Alfred Adler skillfully demonstrated nearly a century ago that the kind of will to power advocated by the Red Pills is the cause of most social ills. It's the opposite of what Christ taught both in word and deed in the example of washing the disciples' feet. 

     Harry Truman famously said that "the foundation of our democracy is faith: faith in oneself, faith in our neighbor, and faith in God." What a contrast indeed to the gloomy philosophy of the Red Pills, who imagine a return to Barbarianism where the Alpha held sway by force and fraud. 

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