Friday, November 24, 2017


      Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania, is having a meltdown in their public schools. Just before the Thanksgiving (or whatever PC name they call it) holiday, school officials were stunned after teachers' union reps pointed out that 45 elementary teachers had resigned up to the end of October; and that 'several more' wouldn't return after the New Year. 

      According to Fox 43-TV, the resignations are mounting because of extreme violence in the schools. Teachers recounted stories of having to evacuate classrooms while kids beat each other with furniture. One teacher---who teaches first grade testified that her students held her arms down while others kicked and punched her. 

       The Harrisburg School District responded to all this by denouncing the teachers who spoke out about the problem in public. "We find it unfortunate that our teacher organization has chosen to engage in public discourse as opposed to factual and substantive discussions," snorted the local Academic Elite, "The District is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment." 

        Superintendent Sybil Burney, who clears a $160,000 annual salary to keep up public pretenses that she runs a real school, suggested more meetings to ascertain "whether there are needs that need to be serviced." 

         This is not a new phenomenon: last year Harrisburg was considering putting armed police officers on patrol in the schools. The idea was turned down; according to some critics, the presence of police officers was 'triggering'; and one even stated that most of the students in Harrisburg Grade Schools already hated authority and that police presence would make it worse. No, really---a school official actually said that. 

          The real question though is not why so many teachers are leaving Harrisburg schools: the question is: 'Why are parents putting up with this?'

        Who would send their small children into a hecatomb like this? The Harrisburg School District ought to be closed. It doesn't serve any purpose except to pad administrators' bank accounts while they turn an entire community's youth into barbarians. If that sounds radical, ask yourself whether or not the City of Harrisburg would lose anything if their schools were closed. It's obvious that the schools are doing nothing of any value for the city. 

        This is a hard fact about public education. If it fails to educate, then it's worse than useless. There is no point in having schools at all if they turn into jungles like Harrisburg.

         What we are likely witnessing in Harrisburg is the culmination of several decades of the Cultural Marxist's stranglehold on Academia. They have encouraged rebellion against tradition and authority; and now they're reaping what they've sown. These violent brats are the feral offspring of a generation steeped in hatred for everything Western Civilization represents. It should be no surprise that their kids have no more respect for their elders or for the social order than the parents had for theirs. The difference is that now, the parents and teachers represent the Establishment. 

           Marxist and Anarchist schemes always end in disasters like this. We need school reform---and soon---before Harrisburg becomes 'a new normal'. 



  1. Same thing has been going on here. We're a much smaller area, but there recently was a heated public meeting with the school board and a teacher resigned after speaking of abusive students, thrown chairs, and no support from the administration. Parents were there too, complaining about unsafe kids and no support from the administration. It's all about who you are and who you know and heaven help you if you try to do anything sensible to fix the situation.

    You nailed the root of the problem here, "They have encouraged rebellion against tradition and authority; and now they're reaping what they've sown." At this point I actually just call our public school system "organized crime."

    1. That's the same reason the term 'Academic Mafia' was coined. The public schools have gone too long without any public oversight.

      It is hard to feel sorry for the school personnel. They're like the Liberals being caught in sex scandals: they demonized male sexuality and supported Feminist misandry and now it's coming back to haunt them.

  2. I've seen this issue on newsfeeds for a couple of months now,and keep finding new twists that are unreported in other sources. where did you get your information? Thank you

    1. I don't remember for certain, but I think that a reader in Pennsylvania drew my attention to it. The sources for the article itself were from local media reports.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I'm seeing various presentations of this story, and it has my interest, being in Pennsylvania myself. Again, thank you for your reply.

  3. You can reply to if you prefer. Thank you