Wednesday, November 22, 2017


     Some may recall an incident in 2011 in Afghanistan where a squad of USMC snipers were court-martialed for 'desecrating' Taliban casualties by urinating on them and posting a video on Youtube. Now what these Marines did was inexcusable and unprofessional and rated about 30 days of KP. But the controversy back then was that Obama sought to punish these men far out of proportion to what they actually did. 

       Just in time for the holidays, a military appellate court overturned the conviction of Squad Leader Joseph Chamblin, citing yet again "undue command influence." The Trump Administration is aggressively seeking to have the other convictions overturned---in spite of his do-nothing Defense Secretary, James Mattis.

       The Appeals Court found that Obama's USMC Commandant James Amos pressured the officers investigating the case, demanding that the errant Marines "be crushed." General Amos even removed and transferred officers who opposed his heavy-handed policy. Fortunately this scumbag has since left the Military. He was under investigation for interfering with other courts-martial even during Obama's term. General Amos, however, did end USMC resistance to including women and homosexuals in the Corps. He was equally aggressive imposing the new PC policies as he was in breaking non-PC Marines. 

         But things have changed inside the Beltway. One of the original defense lawyers in the Court-Martial, John Dowd, is a member of President Trump's White House Legal Advisory Staff. Trump's Chief-of-Staff, General John Kelly, was a witness for the Defense during the Court-Martial.

        I think that we can safely predict that all involved in the incident will be exonerated.  We're not so confident that General Amos will be punished; though he certainly should be. The hypocrite now operates a veterans' charity. 

        The important thing though is that we've now seen several servicemen who have been exonerated from wrongful convictions under Obama. There have been at least three who were in prison on phony rape charges. And all of these cases have been overturned on the grounds of Unlawful Command Influence. It should be pointed out that, until Trump, military convictions were rarely overturned on such grounds. This fact is deeply suggestive of the level of corruption and political nepotism rife in the Pentagon under Deep State rule. 

        Overturning these convictions is good news and seeing justice done. But we also need a serious housecleaning in the Pentagon to rid our Military of the parasites who participated in these injustices as well. 





  1. He is amazing. My research indicates that the military is the least corrupt branch of the government, and that the White Hats in the military fed him the key intelligence. Judiciary, intelligence agencies, and obviously the legislative branch - all corrupt, but with White Hats in each. Numerous politicians and bureaucrats compromised by blackmail. A lot of reliable speculation indicates that Mueller is working for Trump.

    Corruption and treason at the highest levels to be tried in military tribunals; I'm not sure in which venues the child trafficking and organ harvesting will be tried. Public sentiment will determine if/how/when this unfolds. It has to be a controlled demolition. Keep praying.

    1. Hi---good to hear from Ireland again! I think that because of media and political backlash considerations, Trump is not overtly going after Obama and the Clintons and other high-ranking swamp creatures. Instead, they're picking off the underlings and the henchmen in anticipation that one or more of them will implicate the people above them. Then, Trump will be obliged to act, but be able to do so without the accusation of political motives.

      That's how J. Edgar Hoover got political crooks, and how Rudy Guiliani got John Gotti. In a Democracy, one can't always be direct; but if one side can 'work the system' the other can make the system work. So don't despair, I think that those DNC thugs are going down sometime between now and the 2020 Elections.