Tuesday, November 7, 2017


      It's been almost a year since President Trump was elected and the anniversary seems to have triggered Left-Wing whackos to acts of violence, like a Full Moon is supposed to turn certain people into werewolves. Within the last two weeks, anti-Trump crackpots have killed 86 people in mass-shootings at a concert and a church; and beaten up a US Senator. 

       Today, a drug addict and religious fanatic named Michael Arega was captured near the White House by the Secret Service after the FBI warned them that he was in the area. Arega's wife called the FBI after Arega had left home suddenly without his prescription psych-dope and she discovered Internet postings suggesting that he was going to DC to kill White people and to harm the President "in the name of Jesus." Arega apparently didn't know that the President is currently travelling out of the country.

       It goes without saying that Arega's intentions and Christ's teachings are poles apart from one another. He's certainly not the first religious fanatic to threaten a US President; in fact, in President Garfield's case one actually succeeded. Arega claims allegiance to an entity called the All Nation Kingdom of God Church, but that denomination doesn't come up in any research. 

       Posts to social network sites by Arega include these specimens of his intellectual level:

       "Now I am going there to white House to make sure kill All white POLICE!!!!!"

        "Put Him on Jail Donald J Trump in Maighty Name of Jesus Chrisst!!!!!!"

        "All money car homes all Belongs to all humanbeing not only for Rich God own All!!!!"

        Where should we suppose that this loser picked up ideas like these? Again, the Corporate Media---with its continual drum-beat of anti-Trump hysteria---bears a lot of the responsibility. Yesterday in Texas, an atheist nihilist lashed out at a church; today a religious fanatic was going for the government. 

           The evil intention of all this media hysteria against Trump, Conservatives, Christians, etc. is aimed at setting off human time-bombs like these. We've seen on the Extreme Right how Red Pill Cultists incite acts of violence in this way. Corporate Media celebrities (and recently professional athletes) are reaching out to unstable individuals by encouraging them to project their own mental problems onto their enemies. People like Arega reflect in the Media stature of these celebrities and imagine that their violent actions will make them heroes in the eyes of their idols. In Arega's case, he went one step further and created a fantasy that God was speaking to him through these propagandists. Other posts to Arega's sites indicate that he believed such attacks as he was contemplating would morally cleanse the earth. 

            This is the reason why it is important to expose these provocateurs. Breaking the psychological connection between speaker and listener in such cases can prevent such tragedies from happening. And in cases where it doesn't happen, we should be thankful that responsible people stepped up to intervene, as Arega's wife did. 



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