Thursday, November 2, 2017


       While vacationing recently, I listened to an edition of the Alt-RINO talk show The Savage Nation. Michael Savage, the host, was complaining loudly about the nation's welfare system and stated that low-income Americans should "learn to live with less." 

        Savage's way of thinking is common among many Conservative pundits. Personally, nothing is more irritating than hearing this kind of thing---especially out of people like Savage who are rolling in money thanks to the efforts of a billionaire son who supports him. 

        We don't deny that the Welfare System is corrupt and inefficient and in need of serious reforms. But it isn't helpful at all to the Conservative Movement to hear these types of dismissive remarks put forth as desirable policy. We have record numbers of people on welfare for two major reasons:

         1. We have been in an economic downturn for a decade; and 

          2. The Cost of Living is inflated. 

         Wall Street and the Deep State profit off of price inflation and a weak dollar. Their propagandists in Media and Academia have convinced most Americans that welfare is either (a) a waste of government resources---the RINO position; or (b) needs to be expanded because inflation is inevitable---the Liberal position. Both are entirely wrong and are designed to obscure the real causes of widespread poverty mentioned above. 

           The United States has not gone through a sustained deflationary year since 1956. Prices have risen 800% since that year; it now takes almost $10 to purchase what $1 would then. It's a matter then, of simple mathematics. We don't need more welfare spending or higher minimum wages: we need lower prices. 

            Likewise, we don't need to make drastic welfare cuts. There were plenty of government welfare programs in 1956 too. In fact, Social Services were cheaper to run back then because government budget deficits are lower during deflation than with inflation. This is why the Federal Government could pay the huge debts of the 20th Century and still remain solvent. 

           When the dollar has less buying power, financial predators like George Soros move in and profit off the interest run up by public and private debt. The reason that public deficits keep expanding is because the interest charges go up exponentially as the value of the dollar declines. This is why the Robber-Barons on Wall Street like inflation. The Deep State politicians like it too; but it expands the numbers of people dependent on government assistance. Deflationary economics reverses the paradigm. 

           Since the Trump Administration has come in, GDP has already risen 3%---still sluggish, but a huge improvement over the abysmal Obama Era rates. Unemployment is down slightly. The dollar has been fluctuating. That's the point where Trump needs to focus: increase the dollar's strength and prices will come down. That is what we need to complete the economic recovery and make the costs of Social Services negligible. 


  1. This was well said. I really appreciate the efforts of many conservatives on poverty issues...and than there are the other ones who make me crazy.

    I have seen the results, the benefits of some of President Trump's policies trickling down already. The economy is much better, unemployment is way down, people seem interested in investing and building businesses again. Delaying Obamacare fines for not having insurance has taken a weight off of many and the President addressing the opiate epidemic has been really hopeful.

    1. I read the other day that Trump hasn't cut welfare spending at all and yet 46 of 50 states have seen significant declines in the numbers of Food Stamp recipients in 2017. The USDA stated that the number of Americans on Food Stamps is at its lowest level in 7 years. And this happened even though the USDA granted eligibility waivers for people displaced in the recent hurricanes and wildfires.