Sunday, November 19, 2017


      President Trump's Cabinet appointees for the most part have been doing a good job at reforming the Beltway Culture and restoring public confidence by making public service their highest goals. Most have---but not all of them. As far as the Pentagon goes, the 2016 Election may has well not have happened. RINO Defense Secretary James Mattis has done absolutely nothing different from when he served under President Obama unless he's been forced to by Trump.

         Mattis has left a number of corrupt and incompetent commanders in the same positions as Obama appointed them. The recent scandals at West Point are a prime example of how nothing has changed under Mattis. There have been a number of foreign policy blunders committed by our officers too---now comes yet another out of NATO.

        NATO was conducting joint military exercises in Norway this week; and had a war-games map depicting enemy countries and leaders as potential targets. One of these countries was Turkey along with President Erdogan and a picture of Turkey's founding-father Kemel Ataturk. 

       The problem is that Turkey is a NATO member and had troops of their own in the war games. We say 'had' because President Erdogan withdrew them in protest. The blunderer responsible for this---who ought to be withdrawn by Trump---is General Curtis Scaparrotti, American NATO Commander who was appointed by Obama in 2016. 

         Granted, Scaparrotti is probably an improvement over his predecessor General Breedlove, but this isn't saying much. While it's true that Obama-appointed commanders often attack the wrong targets, they at least do it in countries or regions presumed to be hostile. Attacking one's own allies because our commanders don't even know who they are is inexcusable. 

         Scaparrotti was a favorite of Obama and of the Swamp RINOs for his fanatical anti-Russia paranoia. He recently testified before Congress dishing out a ludicrous theory to the effect that Russia was responsible for US military failures in Afghanistan.

                                                       Scaparrotti with his pal, Obama. 

          He also was favored for his slavish devotion to the social engineering in the Military by the PC Left---very much true of most of our current commanders, including the RINO Mattis himself.

           The Trump Administration has been trying to restore good relations with Turkey; but this isn't even the first time that Scaparrotti has incited tensions between the two countries. He publicly condemned Turkey's military purges after a failed coup, and accused Erdogan of being a dictator. This was in December, 2016---obviously a move designed to complicate matters for the incoming Trump Administration. Besides which, he has no authority whatsoever, as a military leader, to comment on diplomatic matters.

         If we are really committed to restoring American greatness, we are going to have to institute some major military reforms. Mattis is showing that he is either unwilling or unable to do this by leaving these Obama-Era dolts in power. It's past time for real change at the Pentagon. 

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