Saturday, November 25, 2017


    For those who haven't been following the Corporate Media: the Whacko Left has been encouraging vehicular attacks lately. Obviously inspired by ISIS attacks in Europe and the Alt-RINO rampage in Charlottesville; there have been a number of increasingly-violent politically-related traffic incidents over the last few months. 

     Today a motorist in a red van attempted to attack the Presidential Motorcade in Florida. The van was intercepted by the Secret Service and Palm Beach Police took the driver into custody. The driver hasn't been identified; but he was screaming anti-Trump expletives and making obscene gestures at the cameras as he was dragged away, according to Fox-TV 61. 

     Just a few weeks ago, a 50 year-old woman---employed by a government contractor---lost her marbles and rode a bicycle alongside the Motorcade screaming obscenities and making obscene gestures. She was fired the next day; but equally unbalanced Leftists started a fund-raiser for her---now up to over $100,000. Nothing like giving financial and media incentives to attack the President. 

      Basically what the Left is doing---through the media hyenas--- is offering fame and fortune for vulgar and violent actions directed at Trump and other Republicans. By holding these losers up as public heroes, the Left hopes to reach other losers eager to grab the public spotlight. Rob Mello, the kook who started the fundraising campaign for the cyclist, wrote on GoFundMe: "She is an inspiration to us all. This week we learned that she was fired from her employer for exercising her First Amendment rights."

      Sure: like a government contracting company is going to tolerate sophomoric outbursts against the Head of State from its employees. And incidentally, the woman in question actually admitted what she did to her employers. 

       But applauding people for this leads inevitably to more and more of it---such as the unidentified van driver today. Liberal crackpots on Thursday unsuccessfully tried to disrupt the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade too. 

      While there's really no way to stop these incitements legally, we can combat it on a community-level. Expose the media for what they are doing; and pour as much public disapproval upon such actions as possible. This will push the Left back to the margins, where they belong. 

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