Wednesday, November 1, 2017


        Most of us who've actually paid attention to trends in public education fully understand that the majority of public school administrators are severe neurotics. Their neuroses continually manifest themselves in the types of Political Correctness which emerge in their 'progressive' policies. What is evident in most of these policies is that these administrators are simply acting out unresolved conflicts from their own childhoods and teen years; and then projecting them onto a largely helpless group of students. 

        The latest specimen of this dysfunctionality is reflected in the latest PC academic fad: banning children from having close or best friends. 

       "There's a policy at our school that, if your child is having a party, you can't give out invitations unless every child is invited." a parent explained on the appropriately-named talk show, Loose Women. 

         This trend started in Britain about five years ago and has begun gaining sympathetic adherents in North America. Neurotic adults who in their youth envied their more popular peers see an opportunity to prevent close friendships from developing in the first place. These are the same characters who don't believe in gender polarity; so naturally they don't understand why forming close friendships is important---albeit expressed in different ways---between boys and girls. 

        Establishing close personal friendships is especially important for young girls. It helps develop the types of empathy and navigating interpersonal relationships that prepare them for marriage. Boys tend to find the same thing in groups: clubs, teams, etc. Their close friendships form thus a surrogate brotherhood. This prepares boys for the kinds of teamwork and sense of responsibility necessary to provide and protect as fathers. 

         During late childhood (about 8-12 years old) these relationships are almost exclusively homosocial. This is a normal stage of psychological development before moving into relationships with the opposite sex. The majority of homosexuals never make this transition successfully. 

          Thus it's logical that the same educational bureaucrats who are breaking down gender identity are also predisposed to breaking up friendships. They themselves are sexually and psychologically fixated in their late childhood years. As further proof of this, note that as adults in universities they deal with stress by retreating to safe spaces with hot cocoa, coloring books, and Play-Doh. This is exactly what a 9 year-old would; and for children that age such things are beneficial. But a 19 year-old doing that just looks retarded. 

           With a new fiscal year approaching and Obama/Swamp-RINO educational mandates expiring; let's hope that Betsy DeVos and the Trump Administration show the same aggressiveness in school reform that they've demonstrated in other social issues. 

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