Wednesday, November 29, 2017


     Although we haven't given the subject much attention here, everyone no doubt has heard about various 'sex scandals' exploding all over the Liberal political wing. Senators, Congressmen, pundits, and media figures have been going down (no pun intended) from coast to coast. NBC anti-Trump doofus Matt Lauer was fired just yesterday. 

      One of the reasons why we've given so little space to these 'scandals' is because most of these guys were part of a political culture that persecuted heterosexual men for acting like---heterosexuals. Some have been real cads, but that's hardly reason to lock them up. The only ones who really deserve any jail time are guys like Anthony Wiener, who compromised national security by sexting on a government phone storing sensitive information. Or guys like former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who committed actual homosexual rape. 

       However, in the upside-down world of the Whacko Left, a man who shows any sign of having functioning testosterone is a horror who must be suppressed. It's like being born White or believing in God: all perfectly natural things to normal people, but signs of inherent character defect to the Left. As Left-Wing crackpot radio host Tom Hartman always says: "Testosterone is the world's most dangerous drug."

        So why are so many of the Liberal leaders suddenly under fire for these scandals? We're going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this may be an organized Party Purge. 

         This has happened before on the Left. The 2016 Democratic Primaries had a lot of similarities to the 1968 events. In 1968, the Far Left moved to hijack the DNC and sabotaged the incumbent, Lyndon Johnson. Johnson was the last of the 'New Deal' Democrats and probably had a legitimate chance going head-to-head with Richard Nixon. In 2016, the incumbent Obama was more-or-less obliged to endorse the Clintons, though his sympathies were clearly with Sanders. 

         After the Far Left failed to gain control of the DNC in 1968, they geared up for 1972 by sabotaging as many old-school Democrats as possible to get their own candidate, George McGovern, nominated. What we're suggesting is that the same thing might be going on again. Considering that the McGovern/Carter/Clinton Faction were radicals of 1972---and they're the ones being targeted today---we can imagine how extreme their intended replacements are going to be. Sanders himself was barely one step away from outright Bolshevism himself. We easily could have had 2017 America looking like 1917 Russia if things had gone in Sanders' favor. 

        The DNC Election in 2017 very nearly went for Keith Ellison, a deep-dyed radical, who lost to a Clinton-backed candidate by only 8%. The DNC Election is a very clear indication that the radicals are making power-plays. 

         Could it be then that the blitz of 'sex scandals' on the Liberal Left is a way to clear out the 'old guard' and bring in even more radical elements? It could be. It seems as though a lot of the men being accused are disproportionately men of the Clinton Faction and a corresponding number of so-called 'progressives' doing the accusing. 

         But if we're seeing a repeat of 1972 on the way to 2020, take heart. 1972 was a crushing Electoral win for the Republicans; and Trump can no doubt wipe out any candidate whom the Radical Left might offer. 



  1. It's like being born white or believing in God.


  2. Total speculation here, but some of us did vote for President Trump hoping he would drain the swamp. The swamp seems to be getting drained. Coincidence or not, it has been somewhat comical to watch old clips of Matt Lauer and others, basically calling President Trump a cad. What goes around seems to be coming around.

    1. That's an interesting idea: maybe after over a year of Trump-bashing and corresponding declining ratings that the top guys in the Corporate Media have decided to dig up whatever dirt they had on their pundits and engage in some covert swamp-draining. It's dirty corporate-politics, but it would be a way that the Media execs could change course while saving face.

      The Department of Commerce just announced a sustained national GDP increase for three straight quarters under Trump; and the Media Moguls might want to jump on the Trump Train and not get left behind.