Wednesday, November 15, 2017


         Our dysfunctional postmodern culture has expressed hatred of traditional masculinity and male heterosexuality in particular since the 1990s. In an era when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were held up as male role models and frauds like the Tailhook Scandal were widely publicized, things were bound to get worse. 

          Thus, Gentleman's Quarterly---once a widely-read and followed men's magazine---hit its nadir by naming disgraced ex-NFL thug Colin Kaepernick as its 'Citizen of the Year' (formerly known as The Man of the Year Award). GQ is also the same media outlet which hosts the neurotic Keith Olbermann on television. We've spoken before about GQ's parent-company and its ties to the DNC.  

             GQ also named foul-mouthed 'comedian' Steven Colbert as its Bad Hombre of the Year, whatever that means. Like Kaepernick, Colbert is another multimillionaire who makes a living spouting profanity against Trump and blasphemy against Christians. Most of his monologues sound about like the rantings of some drunken barfly after taking about a quart of rum, but Liberals pretend to themselves that he makes sense.

          Kaepernick, as we remember, pushed the NFL into its further descent as a theater of political protest by refusing to honor the National Anthem. What's conveniently forgotten by the Media Elites is that Kaepernick turned to these demonstrations after his career had taken a turn for the worse. In his last two seasons, his record as a starting quarterback was a dismal three wins and sixteen losses. He's currently suing the NFL saying that no team will hire him because of his political beliefs: not because he alienates fans, can't win games, and doesn't work well with his teammates. 

           Kaepernick, Olbermann, and Colbert: wouldn't any father be proud of having three sons like these? 

             As for myself, I'd chose a real man for a son like another former NFL quarterback, Warren Moon. Moon has been critical of Kaepernick; especially regarding the pending lawsuit. But let's look at Warren Moon's history. Moon was born in a poor part of Los Angeles as the only son in a family of seven. His father died, leaving 7 year-old Warren as the 'man of the family.' Because he had to help work, he only played one sport in school: football; and he became proficient through practice and hard work. He played for a small local college on an athletic scholarship and his performance won him another scholarship with the NCAA powerhouse, the Washington Huskies. 

            Moon wasn't drafted into the NFL, but he wouldn't quit. He went to Canada and played six seasons in the Canadian Football League. He did so well that the NFL and CFL engaged in a bidding war. At the age of 28---a year younger than Kaepernick is now---Moon signed with the NFL's now-defunct Houston Oilers and starred there for 10 seasons. 

           At 38, Moon was released by the Oilers as too old, but he signed with the Minnesota Vikings where he started for three more seasons---in two of which he was selected as an NFL All-Pro. At the age of 41, he was signed by the Seattle Seahawks where he played two seasons and was the NFL passing leader one year. In total, Moon played 16 years in the NFL; 6 years in the CFL; and now lives in Seattle and works as a sportscaster. In 2006, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. 

            Like all of us, Moon's personal life wasn't always perfect; but he married his high-school sweetheart and raised a family and well as supporting his mother. But most of all; Moon deserves a Man of the Year Award because his entire life is that of a real man who achieved the pinnacle of success because he wouldn't quit. The story related above shows several points where most men would have stopped. Moon set his eyes on his goals both in football and his marriage and keeps on going.

          Contrary to GQ, that is what real men do. Flapping their arms and playing the Victim Card is not. 


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