Saturday, November 18, 2017


       So it's official now: one of the Red Pill Cult's most notorious sites, The Incel Subreddit has joined The Daily Stormer and gone defunct. Reddit suspended the site about a week ago and has now made the ban permanent. The Subreddit had about 41,000 subscribers. 

       The statement from Reddit basically sums it up: "This subreddit was banned due to violations of our content policy; specifically our site-wide rules against violent content." Yes, to say the least. This particular gang of cultists considered the Isla Vista mass-shooter, Eliot Roger as a hero, calling him "St. Eliot" and even making iconic memes of him. The posts and commentary there more or less reflected others of Eliot Roger's mindset.

       The term Incel is internet shorthand for Involuntarily Celibate. In the earlier days of the Manosphere, Incels were mostly concerned with solving relationship issues---specifically men who had problems getting girlfriends, etc. Involuntarily Celibacy is an actual problem in most of the Anglosphere; but since it affects men society really doesn't care too much about it. The main reasons for Involuntary Celibacy are: 1) there is a huge surplus of single men in the English-speaking world; and 2) misandryist social policies have limited male opportunities to interact with women. 

       Basically, men who are sexually deprived and not taken seriously because of it are ripe candidates for radicalization; and this is what happened to the Incel Movement. The Incel segments of the Red Pill Cult today are not only rabidly misogynistic, they advocate violence against women---including rape and murder---as justifiable. This is a long, long way from their origins that stressed making romantic encounters easier. 

         The whole idolatry of Eliot Roger shows how far off the rails they went. Roger was probably a latent homosexual. He had social and economic opportunities and lived in a part of the US known for attractive women---advantages that most men never had. His erratic behavior and arrogant attitude was probably a subconscious defense-mechanism because, in reality, he was sexually repelled by women. His entire Manifesto is interlarded with his simultaneous contempt for heterosexuality and his envy of heterosexuals. That fits the pathological profile of the homosexual male perfectly. 

       The way to get rid of the Incel problem is not by advocating or committing violence against women. The way to solve it is to advocate more sex-positive and less anti-male attitudes in our culture. And there are plenty of cultures which don't have demographic gender imbalance as ours. With those two considerations in mind, it can be seen that misogyny and racism can only make the Incel problem worse. 

        The downfall of The Incel Subreddit should actually make easier for sincere men with relationship issues to start from scratch and work on positive solutions. 





  1. "there is a huge surplus of single men in the English-speaking world"

    This does not seem to be true in the USA. Per FFF: Unmarried and Single Americans Week: Sept. 18-24, 2016: "53% = The percentage of unmarried U.S. residents 18 and older who were women in 2015; 47 percent were men."

    What is your source?

    1. I was speaking of male to female ratios at marriage age. Over 45-50 years old, the numbers tend to equal out. Bloomberg did a survey a few years ago and found that every state in the US had a surplus of males 18-35.

      There are surpluses of younger single women in some localities, however. Most urban areas and a few small college towns, have more women than men. In fact, some dating services have been specializing in connecting high-female cities like Boston, New York, and Washington with men in places where they predominate like San Francisco and Seattle.