Tuesday, November 28, 2017


     Here we are nearly two decades into the 21st Century, and it seems like we have to explain things to some men that boys used to understand no later than Kindergarten or so. Let's start with one basic tenet:

        Real men do not beat up or assault women. 

       True, sometimes a man has to act in self-defense; but even that is no excuse for excessive retaliation. But, for some reason, there's a contingent on the Far Right who seems to have absorbed the Leftist idea from Hollywood that women are fair game to be roughed-up like men. We can expect that the modern Media---filled as it is with resentful homosexuals and other perverts---but from Conservatives (or those who claim the title) we must expect higher standards and better behavior. 

         This phenomenon is especially blatant in the Manosphere and their confederates among the so-called Alt-Right. Red Pill writers like Dalrock, Roosh V, and Matt Forney praise domestic violence. Others like Rollo Tomassi and Chateau Heartiste teach that women are no better than chattel. Vox Day and Andrew Anglin are notorious for vicious troll attacks against women. Most of these writers are probably latent homosexuals, and some such as Jack Donovan, Milo Yiannapoulous, and Lucien Wintrich overtly so. They make heroes out of scumbags like Nathan Damigo who beat up girls half their size. 

        The aforementioned Lucian Wintrich is the latest girl-beater who's now sitting in a Connecticut jail after losing it during a speech and pouncing on a female protester. Wintrich was giving a speech at the University of Connecticut when a woman appeared to take some papers from the podium. 

          So what would have been the masculine response to such a situation? Wintrich could have calmly asked for the papers back. If she refused, go on with the speech ex tempore or move on to other topics. Treated the whole thing as rather humorous, in other words. 

         But Wintrich flew into a rage, jumped off the podium and attacked the woman with all the suppressed rage of his type. Police had to pull him off and dragged him out of the building as he screamed hysterically. 

           "I can confirm that the speaker has been arrested and is in police custody." a university spokeswoman told the Corporate Media. "There are no other arrests or any injuries."

           Some may be inclined to defend Wintrich. But let's ask this question: how did his actions benefit the Conservative cause in any way, shape, or form? We hardly need to give examples of how the Corporate Media is spinning this story. But that aside, when 'conservatives' behave like liberals it doesn't win us any support from the general public. Why? Because nearly all Moderates and even a few Liberals know that it's wrong for boys to beat up on girls. 

            And Wintrich should have known better. Some Corporate Media jackass assaulted him last Spring at the White House. That incident certainly did little to dispel the public's negative opinions of the MSM. 

          We don't need Right-Wing versions of Keith Olbermann. We aren't trying to impose a 'new order' on society like the Left is. We hold that our values are really mainstream values, based upon centuries of tradition and learning. Our ideals don't need force to validate them. We use force to defend them, as Wintrich is going to learn when he appears before a magistrate tomorrow. 

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