Tuesday, November 14, 2017


       The 2018 Electoral Cycle is just getting underway and we have our first Media-fabricated scandal over Alabama US Senatorial candidate, Roy Moore. Essentially a woman who worked for the Clinton Campaign is accusing Moore of acting like a heterosexual male back when the 'accuser' was a young nubile. 

        Are these allegations true? Answer: who cares?

       First of all, consider that the US Mainstream Media---a collection of neurotics, drug-addicts, perverts, and cultists---are the ones who are pushing the story. These is the same group who attacked Moore when he was a judge for refusing to take down a monument displaying the Ten Commandments. They are the same group who think nothing at all is wrong with interjecting homosexual scenes in children's Disney cartoons or depicting lurid sex and violence on prime-time television. It's no accident that cities with the highest per capita number of homosexuals and drug-addicts are also major media centers. 

       This whole obsession with older men and younger women as being somehow morally wrong is a completely recent innovation: inspired by Radical Feminists and other anti-heterosexual groups. Though hardly a senior citizen, I well recall married women and mothers in my high-school graduating class. Just looking back at the Night Wind Family Tree, male ancestors were taking brides of 15-19 for six generations going back to the year of immigration.

         But some will say---have we ever leaders in the US who've had relationships with teenagers or much younger women? Well, yes there were. Let's start with the only man who won two non-consecutive terms as President:

      Grover Cleveland was engaged to his ward, Frances Folsom, when she was 14. She wanted to finish school before marriage, and the two were wed when she was 19 and the President was 49. Theirs is still the only marriage ceremony that has taken place in the White House.

       The President who escaped an assassination attempt and held the country together in the wake of the Civil War; sacrificing his own political career for the good of the country:

      President Andrew Johnson married 17 year-old Eliza McCardle in 1827. She was an educated woman, incidentally, and Johnson was an autodidact. So much for a man 'taking advantage'of a younger female. 

     Former Governor of California, general, and the first Republican candidate for the Presidency:

        John C. Fremont was engaged to Jessie Benton---daughter of a US Senator---when she was 15. They married shortly after her 16th birthday. 

         Civil War Cavalry hero, Commander-in-Chief of the US Army; founder of Yellowstone National Park and former president of the NRA:

          Phil Sheridan married at 44 to Irene Rucker, 18, daughter of another general. 

       America's greatest inventor, a leading businessman, and the man who made electricity and mass communication possible:

          Thomas Alva Edison married Mary Stilwell when she was 16. The couple had three children. Mary later died of an illness, and Edison's second wife was 20 years his junior.

           On the subject of great inventors and great American patriots:

          Benjamin Franklin proposed to Deborah Read when she was 15. She lived as Franklin's common-law wife from her mid-teens despite being later forced into an arranged marriage with another man. She continued to live with Franklin as a wife until her death. They had three children. 

          The point of this being that a man's tastes in women is absolutely no reflection on either his abilities or his character. As President Cleveland used to say of critics during one election: "If my choice of a wife costs me an election, so be it. I wouldn't want to be the leader of any people who choose their leaders on that kind of basis."

           Our modern political system could stand a few more like Cleveland. 

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