Saturday, November 4, 2017


        Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was attacked in his yard this afternoon after his neighbor suddenly went berserk and charged on Paul's property. The neighbor, one Rene Boucher who is a known anti-Trump fanatic, has been harassing the Senator for some time according to neighbors. Senator Paul was also a target of last Summer's assassination attempt that wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. 

         Boucher is currently in the Warren County Jail on assault charges. According to the local media, he is a physician who runs a pain clinic. His past political history shows him to have been part of the Occupy Movement; and his personal webpages are filled with anti-Trump hysteria. The Warren County Sheriff's Office hasn't issued an official statement: typically in such cases they are awaiting a psychological evaluation. 

          In this case, the motives for the attack probably were at least aggravated by political fanaticism. As obsessed with politics as Boucher clearly was, they no doubt played a part in his actions. Those on the Far Left with whom the personal is political rarely behave in any way without trying to make a social statement. 

           It ought to be noted too that Boucher's political rantings show that he strongly favors Gun Control. Now let's think back to the recent massacre in Las Vegas (also incidentally committed by a Radical Leftist). Wasn't the Corporate Media and the Liberal Establishment carrying on with a lot of hyperbole about the responsibility of pro-2nd Amendment politicians? Politicians like Senator Rand Paul, for example. The Left was accusing politicians like Senator Paul of being complicit in mass murders like Las Vegas. 

           Rhetoric like that is deliberate and done purposely to set off unstable people like Rene Boucher. As a medical man, Boucher no doubt heard rhetoric about attempts to repeal Obamacare as genocide against the poor and other nonsense. It never seemed to occur to him that Senator Paul's father is also a physician and that they could have discussed their opposing views on civil and professional terms. 

          But the Corporate Media isn't spewing hateful rhetoric to build unity. It is their type of attitude that caused Pope Francis to warn us about abuse of the tongue and how words could be employed as weapons. The Media and other Deep-State Leftists don't care what damage they cause: people like Boucher are simply useful idiots; expendable pawns in their power games. If convicted, Boucher faces a year in jail; will likely lose his medical license. And his business reputation is already irrevocably damaged. But the political elites who incite those like him will keep drawing their fat paychecks and inciting others to do the same. 

          The moral here is that what the Pope said about the tongue is a warning---not advice. He understands that we all have differing levels of moral education and differing levels of susceptibility to sophistry and propaganda. That is why we always must stress a civil level of public discourse because such people are also easily influenced by positive words. 

UPDATE: Since yesterday, it has been announced that the Senator suffered broken ribs during the assault. The attacker hit him from behind, BTW.           


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