Thursday, November 9, 2017


     A year ago, Americans awoke to the news that the Era of the Deep State was over. The Corporate Media---whose ratings and credibility have imploded since that day---have been trying to distract the public by claiming electoral rejection of Trump in the 2017 Elections. The fact that liberals won seats in overwhelmingly Democrat localities, though, is hardly a repudiation of Trump's policies.

     During the last year, things have changed radically in the US; and mostly for the better. The economy is showing growth---still slow by global standards, but dramatically higher than the last several decades. Thousands of Americans have left welfare for work again. As Vice-President Pence noted yesterday, much of this growth is happening in the Energy Sector. This is due largely to President Trump's repeal of several federal-level obstructions holding back development.

      Our Energy Sector and our infrastructure generally still have a long way to go. However, the Administration has been cracking down aggressively on corporate polluters. Starkist and Tyson Foods were among the worst offenders and they've been compelled to clean up damaged waterways. Trump has begun some new water treatment projects and ordered upgrades in our power-grids. Also the recent hurricanes and floods have the Administration moving on upgrading our failing levees. 

         In education, Trump has been moving to close the science gap and begin new projects for space exploration. Vice-President Pence has been active in this area. Our schools, though, are a disaster. Hopefully we'll see further progress in 2018 on this front. 

        Pence also pointed out significant gains in fighting the Opioid Epidemic and wiping out gangs. The Administration has done outstanding work in this field. The vicious MS-13 gang has been decimated with well over a thousand of its members rounded up. Opioid supply links have been smashed---especially ones surfeiting off corruption in the US medical system. The President stated his intention to propose a Sino-US Task Force to fight opium traffic with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

          In foreign trade, we've seen significant improvements. One of the issues that the Corporate Media has wholly ignored has been the Administration's crackdown on price-gouging and unfair shipping practices by foreign firms. The EU has been the biggest violator and five European shipping companies have been sanctioned and fined this year alone. Their egregious cheating has been undercutting American shipping companies for years. 2017 may be the first year in decades that American shipping sees growth. 

        The Trump Administration has also caused a sharp increase in American agriculture. Especially opening exports of rice and beef to China. But other countries have been opened for export too. The long-term effect of some of this will be an expansion of US agriculture; which should result in lower food prices. By extension, lower prices should also continue to reduce the national welfare burden. 

         And Beltway swamp-draining shouldn't be overlooked. A fairly significant number of corrupt bureaucrats are winding up in jail. Several corrupt policies---like funneling government settlements to Soros-funded activist groups have been terminated. States receiving federal funds are being audited for the first time. Not only that, but some of the prosecutions of the Obama years are being re-opened and re-examined. Three military servicemen, purged in the sexual-harassment witch-hunts have had their convictions overturned. 

          And contrary to what the Corporate Media and the NFL are saying, the Trump Administration has been cracking down on police brutality and corruption, especially in the Prison-Industrial Complex. Just last week, some guards in the Louisiana Prison System were indicted for brutality and the the head of a prison transport company jailed for raping female inmates. 

       The Media has also become silent on Obama-Era scandals---mostly because Trump has been cleaning them up. Remember the Volkswagen Clean Air Scandal; or the Fat Leonard Scandal; or the Epipen Scandal; or the Real-Estate Bid-Rigging Scandal? All of these have been settled with jail time for liable parties. So recently was the scandal in which the IRS singled out Conservative Groups. And the Government is currently working on LIBOR, the Haiti-Relief Scandal, and Operation Fast-and-Furious. Some have already gone to jail in the last two cases and warrants are outstanding relative to LIBOR. 

        And that list doesn't include the numerous Medicare fraud, corrupt contracting deals, securities frauds, etc. that politically-connected crooks got away during the years of the Deep State. 

        Mr. President: we're all looking forward to another year. 

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